5 Amazing Video Marketing Campaigns That Will Move You

Video Marketing Campaign

Video is the new ‘awesome’ in content marketing, with 52% of all marketers agree that video marketing has the best ROI.

Today, videos characterizes every interaction we make online.

Smart brands are realizing the full power of video marketing to increase open rate, drive up click-through rates, and reduce un-subscription levels. Video marketing is also highly effective for lead generation, brand awareness, and online engagement.

To make the best out of your video marketing campaign, you must answer the question ‘what makes an amazing video marketing campaign?’ There probably are a thousand answers to this question, this blog post scours the web of video marketing, and highlights 5 super-effective video marketing campaigns that will certainly move you.

1. Facebook How-To Tutorials

Facebook is known for many things, including providing a powerful platform for video marketers. But when it comes to marketing their own lot, the company certainly is doing a great job. In this four-part series video, Facebook highlights four different functions of the platform and effectively drives the point home. Their video relates how the platform can be applied in real-life scenarios, such as the need to block or unblock your ex, based on the direction you decide to take after a relationship.

You can use video marketing to create tutorials, ads, product videos and scores of other types of content for your business. Facebook’s tutorial-style video is aimed at explaining the use of their service and thus is not pitchy. It answers some of the most common questions users have, and so in a way that’s actually entertaining.

The Take: First things first – understand your audience’s needs better than everybody else – make sure to play these needs into your video message.

2. Intel’s look inside

Intel is great at making processor chips, everybody knows that. But their marketing department is also great at highlighting the company’s value to their global audience of PC consumers. In this moving video, Weinhemayer says, “I’m one of 118 people in history to have reached the top of all seven summits…but I’m the only person to do it blind.”

As part of Intel’s Look Inside Series, created by Venables Bell & Partners, the company has proved that your marketing videos don’t have to be aggressive and tangible-driven in order to be successful. By providing their audience with an inspirational view of how their technology is changing experiences around the world, Intel was able to create the kind of interest some marketers only dream about. More importantly, they are able to do so through a traditional, product-based ad that no one can ignore. Their campaign is in itself an effective video marketing guide that any marketer can learn from.

The Take: Think in terms of big and small, macro and micro, core and peripheral. Evaluate the big effect that your product or service has on the industry, and then tap in someone’s small (micro) experience to create and deliver a compelling story.

3. Nike women’s #betterforit

You probably have noted that the two videos above were made by companies that are household names. Nike Women joins that list with their Wieden + Kennedy series. In this approach, the company takes advantage of honest humor to shed light on the ‘inner thoughts’ that women process while at the gym.

Instinctively, their video is able to provide viewers with the opportunity to relate with the brand in a very special way. It was hard to pinpoint another promotional video marketing campaign that could have done this as effectively as Nike Women did it. This ultimately inspires you and provides an unlimited wealth of video marketing tips that you can use in your own campaigns. The video certainly captures women’s sense of empathy, gives them a leg up on the competition, and ultimately influences their consumer’s preferences.

The Take: Use humor in your videos. Although you’ll need to be more careful to pull this off, humor often reduces the barrier between your business and its audience, so that you establish a greater sense of relatability.

4. Chipotle’s Awareness as Entertainment

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast-casual chain that teamed with a design firm to create an animated short video named ‘The Scarecrow’. The video happens in a dystopian globe where ‘Crow Foods Incorporated’ dominates the industry. The company is apparently stuffing its premise with scarecrows that used to work in nearby farms but have lost their jobs. But when a single demoralized scarecrow gets home following a hard day’s work and picks a red pepper, everything changes. The music plays up, colors become brighter, and the scarecrow’s energy for life is restored.

The Ad is delivered as a YouTube Video, which has attracted over 15 million views so far. It’s also delivered as a free iOS app that enables the audience to fight their own war against Crow Foods. Each time a user opens the app on their iOS device, the company (Chipotle) appeals to their stomachs.

The Take: Chipotle’s approach users awareness as entertainment, and leverages extreme creativity to make their campaign a success, both through the YouTube video and the iOS game. Their campaign is in itself a video marketing guide that encourages creativity and entertainment.

5. Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

When was the last time you watched a really viral video? Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ is the new face of viral video marketing. Within just the first month since its launch, Dove’s awesome promotional video had garnered over 114 million views on YouTube.

The video aims to highlight a sharp difference between how women perceive themselves, and how others see them. Citing data, Dove says that 54% of women admit to playing their own worst critics when it comes to their looks. This video features an FBI-trained forensic artist by the name Gil Zamora, who draws women based on their own verbal descriptions of their appearance. Mr. Gil also draws the same women based on stranger’s descriptions of how they look. Surprisingly, the strangers’ descriptions tend to be more flattering, and accurate, than women’s negative descriptions.

In addition to getting so many views in a small span of time, the video got over 3.8 million shares in the first month, and Dove’s YouTube channel got over 15k new subscribers. Better still, its impact spread across cultural, language and geographical barriers, resulting in a frenzy of broadcast news segment, print media, and internet discussions.

The Take: Dove’s video won Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’s highest honor, and a host of other awards. It was the viral video campaign upon which others could be judged. If you’re looking for video marketing tips to implement in your own campaign, try combining ‘outside the box’ thinking with a creative mindset/approach.


Most successful video marketing campaigns are done by renowned global companies, but small companies have as equal a chance to accomplish the same. Fortunately, the success of your video marketing campaign is not influenced by your budget. It’s about getting deep into your customers’ needs, leveraging creativity, and being willing to entertain. Different approaches work for different audiences, though. Invest the time and effort it takes to discover what works for your audience segment.

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5 Amazing Video Marketing Campaigns That Will Move You