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4 Types of YouTube Ads That Quickly Boost Revenue

YouTube ads are THE most powerful type of advertising. The combination of video marketing with Google’s search engine gives you incredible leverage when attracting more traffic, leads, and sales online. Video is the best way to capture a person’s attention and influence their emotions. As a marketer, video gives you the ability to build personal connections […]

5 Mistakes Preventing Companies From Growing Cash Flow

Technology has made it super easy for just about anyone to start a business online. But with that ability, the quality and success rate of ecommerce has declined just as rapidly… And when analyzing the failures of our clients, we have found 5 simple mistakes that are almost always the cause. These are the 5 Mistakes Preventing Companies From Growing Cash […]

7 Important Elements That Boost Landing Page Conversions

Spending hours creating the perfect landing page only to see sub-par conversions can be quite frustrating. It seems like all your competitors are consistently generating new leads and making tons of money. Their landing pages don’t seem much different than yours, yet they’re exceeding a 40% opt-in rate. You’re starting to get overwhelmed. You’re delivering […]

The Perfect Email Template For Digital Marketers

Let’s face it. Email has been and will continue to be the most effective way to generate revenue. Whether it’s following up with a prospect, emailing customers about a new sale, or just giving away free content – email marketing is the modality that the world’s most profitable companies are using. Here are some stats […]

10 Factors To A Highly Converting Ad

It’s a secret that’s been around for decades. Successful advertisers have been using it to consistently generate leads and sales through virtually every advertising medium. The secret is that there are 10 factors to a highly converting ad. All the components in an ad are fundamentally designed to do one thing and one thing only: […]

7 Simple Steps To Writing Compelling Sales Copy

You know you can do better. There’s always room for improving your writing. Whether you’re writing sales copy for a landing page or posting content to your blog—effective copy is the most valuable asset to getting a prospect’s attention and their hard earned money. But as content marketing continues to become more and more important, […]

26 Time Management Hacks

We’ve all heard it before. “Everyone has the same 168 hours in a week.” Despite this universal time-constraint, there are high achievers getting a lot more done than others. How are they doing it? Productivity is not about multi-tasking or sleeping less…it’s about making the most of your time and focusing on your most valuable activities. Want […]