Best Of The Best Marketing Blog Posts #2

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If you’re like most of us – you want to seek out the web’s best marketing content, but you’re just plain swamped. Therefore, we’ve taken the liberty of grabbing eight of our favorite posts from the web.

We’ll be looking at some great YouTube tips, tackling email management and see how one single Facebook ad gained over 129,000 leads … in just one year! No matter what you’re looking for, our roundup below t will surely leave you with great tips and answers to those burning questions.


3-Step Viral Video Formula: How a Little Known Fitness Company Gained Over 3.9 Million Views on YouTube

In this quick post via Infusionsoft, they give an incredible case study on how a pretty little-known fitness company was able to garner massive views on YouTube. Great advice that can be used for any of your projects!

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How to Write Better Headlines for Your Facebook Ads

A user only has a couple of seconds to engage with your Facebook ad. Therefore, your headline is everything. Make sure your word choice is giving you the best visibility and clicks with this great article via Hubspot.

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Got Email Overload? 14 Email Management Tools for Organizing Your Inbox

Between business, sweet-savings deals and spam – your inbox can start looking a bit messy. Here are some great tips to streamline your emails and ensure you’re not missing the ones that matter.

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7 Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Make a Website Stand Out

For many entrepreneurs, our websites are the top way to spread our message. Therefore, it’s ideal to have a website that catches the attention of readers and stands out from the static. Check out this great article via Infusionsoft.

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The Ultimate Guide to Google Tag Manager

Google Tag’s are essential to a proper campaign. They ensure you have solid analytics to make informed business moves. We totally recommend this guide from ImScalable for reference!

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Organic Podcast Launch Strategies

Podcasts aren’t only fun, but they can be a great way to build community, garner leads and make sales. No matter the topic, a strong podcast can be a very enjoyable way to turn a profit. Here’s a set of great organic launch strategies for your podcast project.

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25 Power Words to Drive More Engagement.

Engagement is a necessity for social media, and the way to drive engagement is to use keywords and terms that make people act. Here’s a great list of 25 power words that make your audience engage.

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Case Study: How This Facebook Ad Generated 129,890 Leads in 1 Year

365 days, 129,890 leads, one Facebook ad – such a great writeup on how one single ad delivered enough leads to last quite a long time. Great study and some great insights for your next campaign.
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