Best Of The Best Marketing Blog Posts #3

Best Marketing Tools Ideas & Tips

Best Marketing Tools Ideas & Tips

We like numbers. When researching new ways to better your business, facts and figures speak the loudest. We’ve done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of our favorite blogs that include actionable items and distinct numbers that show you what’s possible (and how to achieve it).

For instance, you’ll see how a relatively unknown podcaster garnered over 100K downloads in 80 days, and how a Pinterest ad spend resulted in over $40,000 in just a few months. Here are some great inspirational, but also possible, case studies that you can apply to your own work.


How Ezra Firestone Generated $41,254.34 in Ecommerce Sales From $775.50 in Pinterest Ad Spend

I love numbers and figures in marketing articles – so how’s that number for you?  See how one solid ad spend resulted in over $40K in sales!

Read the article here.


The 4-Step AdWords Audit that 3X Sales and Cut Ad Spend by 25% in 7 Months

This quick AdWords Audit (just four steps) can increase sales and cut your spend! A great tool to reference for your next content campaign.
Read the article here.


How We Got 53,682 Unique Visitors to a Dead, Two-Year Old Blog Post

Sometimes we have to repurpose old content. Whether it’s due to lack of time, or maybe we just feel like that particular post didn’t get enough love. Here’s a quick case study on how a two-year-old post garnered over 53,000 visitors.

Read the article here.


4 Proven Infusionsoft Campaigns and 4 You Should Use

Four proven strategies and four proven campaigns. This is a great list of what has worked well for this user on Infusionsoft and lessons that you can apply to your business.

Read the article here.


7 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition

Every business has some form of competition. We all want to make a better and louder noise than those in our market. Here are seven proven tactics from ImScalable.

Read the article here.


How You Can Use Math & Split Testing To Go Viral

Having content go viral is a goal for all marketers. Here’s six ways you can use split testing to boost your chances, and bring more eyes to your content.

Read the article here.


Add These 6 Items to Your Content Marketing “To-Try” List

Everyone should have a “to-try” list. Here are six items that every marketer should try during their next content push. These are all risk-free campaigns, so why not give ‘em a shot?

Read the article.


9 Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples (And ONE That Generated 35,859 Leads In 60 Days for DigitalMarketer…)

Lead magnet ideas! You can never have enough of them. Here’s how just one magnet generated over 35,000 leads in just three months!
Read the article here.

Best Of The Best Marketing Blog Posts #2

Best Marketing Ideas

Best Marketing platforms, ideas, and Tools

If you’re like most of us – you want to seek out the web’s best marketing content, but you’re just plain swamped. Therefore, we’ve taken the liberty of grabbing eight of our favorite posts from the web.

We’ll be looking at some great YouTube tips, tackling email management and see how one single Facebook ad gained over 129,000 leads … in just one year! No matter what you’re looking for, our roundup below t will surely leave you with great tips and answers to those burning questions.


3-Step Viral Video Formula: How a Little Known Fitness Company Gained Over 3.9 Million Views on YouTube

In this quick post via Infusionsoft, they give an incredible case study on how a pretty little-known fitness company was able to garner massive views on YouTube. Great advice that can be used for any of your projects!

Read the article here.


How to Write Better Headlines for Your Facebook Ads

A user only has a couple of seconds to engage with your Facebook ad. Therefore, your headline is everything. Make sure your word choice is giving you the best visibility and clicks with this great article via Hubspot.

Read the article here.


Got Email Overload? 14 Email Management Tools for Organizing Your Inbox

Between business, sweet-savings deals and spam – your inbox can start looking a bit messy. Here are some great tips to streamline your emails and ensure you’re not missing the ones that matter.

Read the article here.


7 Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Make a Website Stand Out

For many entrepreneurs, our websites are the top way to spread our message. Therefore, it’s ideal to have a website that catches the attention of readers and stands out from the static. Check out this great article via Infusionsoft.

Read the article here.


The Ultimate Guide to Google Tag Manager

Google Tag’s are essential to a proper campaign. They ensure you have solid analytics to make informed business moves. We totally recommend this guide from ImScalable for reference!

Read the article here.


Organic Podcast Launch Strategies

Podcasts aren’t only fun, but they can be a great way to build community, garner leads and make sales. No matter the topic, a strong podcast can be a very enjoyable way to turn a profit. Here’s a set of great organic launch strategies for your podcast project.

Read the article here.


25 Power Words to Drive More Engagement.

Engagement is a necessity for social media, and the way to drive engagement is to use keywords and terms that make people act. Here’s a great list of 25 power words that make your audience engage.

Read the article.


Case Study: How This Facebook Ad Generated 129,890 Leads in 1 Year

365 days, 129,890 leads, one Facebook ad – such a great writeup on how one single ad delivered enough leads to last quite a long time. Great study and some great insights for your next campaign.
Read the article here.

Best Of The Best Marketing Blog Posts #1

Best Marketing Ideas

Best Marketing platforms, ideas, and Tools

Running a business is hard enough — juggling tasks, wearing different hats and taking on new roles seemingly everyday. This busyness makes research and continuing education tough! Thankfully, we’ve curated some amazing articles for your growth, knowledge and also — fun!

Below you’ll find a few pieces that caught our eyes this week, and we hope you enjoy them, too. Whether it’s finding new ways to build your email list, browsing this year’s most innovative ads (so far), or jotting down ways to boost your stage presence — you’ll find what you’re looking for below.


The Best Ways to Segment Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing is a powerful tool, but segmenting your email lists is what transforms good marketing to great marketing.

Read The Article.


5 Essential (But Unexpected) Business Lessons Learned After 5 Years of Running DigitalMarketer [Part 1 of 3]

What’s success look like? More importantly, what does the journey look like? Here the founder of DigitalMarketer goes into the five essential lessons learned in running DigitalMarketer.

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The 21 Most Innovative & Creative Ads of the Past Year

Need a little Thursday inspiration? Check out this solid list of 21 innovative and creative ads, ranked by Hubspot!

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Ultimate Guide To Using Quizzes To Build Your List

Quizzes are a great way to grow your digital channels, especially in terms of social media. But, did you know that it’s also a great way to build email lists? Check out this great resource on building an email list through quizzes.

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How to Launch a Podcast, Drive it to the Top of the Charts, AND Keep it There in Just 4 Steps

Podcasts have become a great tool for learning, but also a great marketing resource. Here’s a quick (only four step!) guide to creating and skyrocketing your podcast.

Read The Article.


9 Tricks to Instantly Become More Charismatic [Infographic]

Do you need to step up your presence? Here’s a few great ways to become more engaging and charismatic.
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How to Write Seductive Sales Emails: A 5 Step Method

Marketers have such a small window of time to make that click-rate work. Here’s how to write subject lines that get clicks in just 5 easy steps.

Read The Article.


How Automation Allowed One Employee to Screen 893 Job Applicants

Automation can be your best friend when it comes to time management, finding leads and screening applicants. See how this one employee screened 893 applicants!

Read The Article.


9 Useful Strategies for Getting Clients to Pay On Time

We all love our clients! However, it becomes a bit of a strained relationship if they keep suddenly overlooking your invoices. Here’s some useful ways to get paid on time, while not scaring off your clients.

Read The Article.


7 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition

Competition is everywhere, whether it’s serious or friendly. Here are 7 ways to be one step ahead of the game, at all times.

Read The Article.

YouTube Cards vs Annotations: What’s The Difference?

YouTube Cards

There is a famous 1980s song called “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Up until recently for online
marketers, it looked as if mobile might kill the video star. We marketers could embed call to
action annotations in our YouTube videos, but only on desktop platforms.

Fortunately, YouTube solved this problem by introducing YouTube Cards, a mobile-friendly
alternative to Annotations. Unfortunately, Cards is missing some key features that users of
Annotations enjoy.

So which is the right tool for you?

In the post below, we’ll explore the pros and cons of Cards and Annotations. We’ll also share
a helpful video tutorial for setting up both tools. Lastly, we’ll examine tips from a video
marketing company on how to optimize YouTube cards for various business scenarios.

What are YouTube Cards and Why Are They Important?

Cards are a new tool to help online businesses and other groups promote themselves. Similar
to Annotations, the Cards feature lets you add links, images, and information about your
product, web site, or promotional cause.

The biggest benefit to this interactive tool is that it works on mobile. That’s good news for
online marketers, who up to now have been unable to tap the full reach of YouTube’s
eyeballs. According to YouTube statistics, 50% of views come from mobile devices. With
mobile playing a key role in online shopping, that’s a lot of lost sales.

Cards is a welcome solution to all those empty hands.

How Cards Stacks Up Against Annotations

Cards shares several interactive features with Annotations. Both can be set to pop up at any
time. Both also offer data insights in the analytics dashboard. Yet while both sit side by side at
the digital dinner table, the two tools have different personalities and purposes.

Think of Cards as the button-up corporate type, while Annotations is the more bohemian free

Here’s what that looks like to you:

Cards Pros:
• Has a streamlined look
• Mobile and more business friendly
• Easier image upload

Cards Cons:
• Position is unmovable from top right location
• Uniform card size
• No color choices
• Limited to 5 per video

Annotations Pros:
• Flexible pop-up locations
• Can be any size
• Many color schemes
• Unlimited number per video

Annotations Cons:
• Not mobile/business friendly
• No job security: YouTube plans to phase it out

If mobile marketing is not a critical part of your company, or if aesthetic choices are important
to your brand, then you might want to consider staying with Annotations for the time being.

Start Dealing, Talking, and Popping in Less than 4 Minutes

If you’re looking for a great tutorial on how to create both an Annotation and a Card, YouTube
media expert Dana Rivera explains the process in under 4 minutes.

The video includes a recap of some pros and cons we discussed above. If the recap doesn’t
interest you, you can skip ahead to the 1:30 minute mark to learn how to add the popups.

Some tips to ensure ROI is in the Cards

Currently, YouTube offers six types of Cards to promote your business, brand, or cause.
These cards include video links, playlist links, fan funding, fundraising, merchandise, and
associated websites.

For business purposes, we’re going to explore the last two. Merchandise Cards let you add an
image, a URL to a YouTube-approved retail site, and a call to action. Associated Websites
Cards also allow you to include a link to your web site or landing page.

A video marketing guide from reelseo advises the following tips to optimize your card content:

For Merchandise Cards

• Sign up with a YouTube retailer
• Optimize your retail landing page with full descriptions, testimonials, and reviews
• Use the best available image for your Card
• Use a strong call to action

For Associated Website Cards

• Associate your YouTube channel with your website
• Link off-site to your home page or a landing page that supports your video
• Optimize the title and call to action to entice the viewer
• Upload a compelling thumbnail image

Toolbox Time

You’re now ready to start experimenting with various business uses for both Cards and
Annotations. Although each tool comes with its own set of tradeoffs, we’re glad to have more
ways to grab all those eyeballs bouncing around desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Tell us about your experience with the two different tools.

Want to learn more about making money through YouTube and other video channels? Read
our Simple Step-by-step Guide To Video Marketing.

Mark Marcelletti

Hey There. My name's Mark Marcelletti - CEO of 7 Figure Automation. Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices. I hope you'll join me!

Mark Marcelletti, Entrepreneur | Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant

YouTube Cards vs Annotations: What’s The Difference?

5 Amazing Video Marketing Campaigns That Will Move You

Video Marketing Campaign

Video is the new ‘awesome’ in content marketing, with 52% of all marketers agree that video marketing has the best ROI.

Today, videos characterizes every interaction we make online.

Smart brands are realizing the full power of video marketing to increase open rate, drive up click-through rates, and reduce un-subscription levels. Video marketing is also highly effective for lead generation, brand awareness, and online engagement.

To make the best out of your video marketing campaign, you must answer the question ‘what makes an amazing video marketing campaign?’ There probably are a thousand answers to this question, this blog post scours the web of video marketing, and highlights 5 super-effective video marketing campaigns that will certainly move you.

1. Facebook How-To Tutorials

Facebook is known for many things, including providing a powerful platform for video marketers. But when it comes to marketing their own lot, the company certainly is doing a great job. In this four-part series video, Facebook highlights four different functions of the platform and effectively drives the point home. Their video relates how the platform can be applied in real-life scenarios, such as the need to block or unblock your ex, based on the direction you decide to take after a relationship.

You can use video marketing to create tutorials, ads, product videos and scores of other types of content for your business. Facebook’s tutorial-style video is aimed at explaining the use of their service and thus is not pitchy. It answers some of the most common questions users have, and so in a way that’s actually entertaining.

The Take: First things first – understand your audience’s needs better than everybody else – make sure to play these needs into your video message.

2. Intel’s look inside

Intel is great at making processor chips, everybody knows that. But their marketing department is also great at highlighting the company’s value to their global audience of PC consumers. In this moving video, Weinhemayer says, “I’m one of 118 people in history to have reached the top of all seven summits…but I’m the only person to do it blind.”

As part of Intel’s Look Inside Series, created by Venables Bell & Partners, the company has proved that your marketing videos don’t have to be aggressive and tangible-driven in order to be successful. By providing their audience with an inspirational view of how their technology is changing experiences around the world, Intel was able to create the kind of interest some marketers only dream about. More importantly, they are able to do so through a traditional, product-based ad that no one can ignore. Their campaign is in itself an effective video marketing guide that any marketer can learn from.

The Take: Think in terms of big and small, macro and micro, core and peripheral. Evaluate the big effect that your product or service has on the industry, and then tap in someone’s small (micro) experience to create and deliver a compelling story.

3. Nike women’s #betterforit

You probably have noted that the two videos above were made by companies that are household names. Nike Women joins that list with their Wieden + Kennedy series. In this approach, the company takes advantage of honest humor to shed light on the ‘inner thoughts’ that women process while at the gym.

Instinctively, their video is able to provide viewers with the opportunity to relate with the brand in a very special way. It was hard to pinpoint another promotional video marketing campaign that could have done this as effectively as Nike Women did it. This ultimately inspires you and provides an unlimited wealth of video marketing tips that you can use in your own campaigns. The video certainly captures women’s sense of empathy, gives them a leg up on the competition, and ultimately influences their consumer’s preferences.

The Take: Use humor in your videos. Although you’ll need to be more careful to pull this off, humor often reduces the barrier between your business and its audience, so that you establish a greater sense of relatability.

4. Chipotle’s Awareness as Entertainment

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast-casual chain that teamed with a design firm to create an animated short video named ‘The Scarecrow’. The video happens in a dystopian globe where ‘Crow Foods Incorporated’ dominates the industry. The company is apparently stuffing its premise with scarecrows that used to work in nearby farms but have lost their jobs. But when a single demoralized scarecrow gets home following a hard day’s work and picks a red pepper, everything changes. The music plays up, colors become brighter, and the scarecrow’s energy for life is restored.

The Ad is delivered as a YouTube Video, which has attracted over 15 million views so far. It’s also delivered as a free iOS app that enables the audience to fight their own war against Crow Foods. Each time a user opens the app on their iOS device, the company (Chipotle) appeals to their stomachs.

The Take: Chipotle’s approach users awareness as entertainment, and leverages extreme creativity to make their campaign a success, both through the YouTube video and the iOS game. Their campaign is in itself a video marketing guide that encourages creativity and entertainment.

5. Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

When was the last time you watched a really viral video? Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ is the new face of viral video marketing. Within just the first month since its launch, Dove’s awesome promotional video had garnered over 114 million views on YouTube.

The video aims to highlight a sharp difference between how women perceive themselves, and how others see them. Citing data, Dove says that 54% of women admit to playing their own worst critics when it comes to their looks. This video features an FBI-trained forensic artist by the name Gil Zamora, who draws women based on their own verbal descriptions of their appearance. Mr. Gil also draws the same women based on stranger’s descriptions of how they look. Surprisingly, the strangers’ descriptions tend to be more flattering, and accurate, than women’s negative descriptions.

In addition to getting so many views in a small span of time, the video got over 3.8 million shares in the first month, and Dove’s YouTube channel got over 15k new subscribers. Better still, its impact spread across cultural, language and geographical barriers, resulting in a frenzy of broadcast news segment, print media, and internet discussions.

The Take: Dove’s video won Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’s highest honor, and a host of other awards. It was the viral video campaign upon which others could be judged. If you’re looking for video marketing tips to implement in your own campaign, try combining ‘outside the box’ thinking with a creative mindset/approach.


Most successful video marketing campaigns are done by renowned global companies, but small companies have as equal a chance to accomplish the same. Fortunately, the success of your video marketing campaign is not influenced by your budget. It’s about getting deep into your customers’ needs, leveraging creativity, and being willing to entertain. Different approaches work for different audiences, though. Invest the time and effort it takes to discover what works for your audience segment.

Mark Marcelletti

Hey There. My name's Mark Marcelletti - CEO of 7 Figure Automation. Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices. I hope you'll join me!

Mark Marcelletti, Entrepreneur | Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant

5 Amazing Video Marketing Campaigns That Will Move You

The Simple Step-by-Step Guide To Video Marketing

Video is a powerful marketing tool that demands full time-bound attention from your audience.

From explainer videos to creative video ads, more marketers are using video marketing today.

People are more perceptive to marketing videos than text and image based content. In fact, the word video increases open rates by up to 19% in email subject lines.


That’s a cute little piece of statistics for entrepreneurs and online marketers.

Advancement in internet infrastructure has dramatically improved connection speeds, allowing seamless streaming of HD web video on both desktop and mobile. Video is now a necessary form of engagement for big brands and small businesses alike.

This video marketing guide outlines the benefits that your business can reap by taking advantage of this highly interactive form of marketing.

Why Video Marketing is Precious

There are multiple benefits in well done video marketing.

a) Video Increases User Engagement

Reading text is an active experience where you have to choose your speed, and take in the content at your own pace.

It’s easy for your audience to skim through text and decide which sections they are interested in. But video gives users little freedom in terms of consumption. You either watch a full video, or you lose attention somewhere along the way and stop watching.


Watching video is a passive experience. When someone hits the play button, they have given their consent to be shown something. They don’t have to dig in themselves or ‘skim’ through the content like you’d do with text and image based content. This way, video tends to be more engaging. More so, the amount of information that can be shown in 1 second worth of video content is much more than what can be read in the same span of time.

By creating videos that achieve an instant emotional engagement, marketers can foster engagement and thus increase conversions.

b) Video is Great for Branding

Since a video is more interactive and personalized, it’s great for branding. Viewers can recreate the experience of being face to face with someone, much better than with image, text and audio. Using video marketing, you can show the human side of your business through physical and verbal expression.

Online video is also an effective and cost-friendly way to indicate professionalism and brand quality. If your business has the time and skills to produce high-quality video, then it will be perceived as being a legitimate organization with a genuine interest to provide a great service.

c) Video Helps with Ranking

Since search engines love video, content that has video often ranks more prominently. Your video marketing campaign can help with the following goals:

i) More traffic via rich snippets

Google sometimes inserts thumbnail images in their search engine results pages (SERPs) for web pages that contain videos. Such results tend to attract higher click-through rates as compared to standard web page results. This demonstrates how ‘video rich snippets’ can be a superb way to increase traffic to a particular website. Marketers can draw more traffic from the SERPs by including video in their content and implementing respective technical mark-ups.

ii) Link building

Links are a core metric through which search engines determine the authority of a website or webpage. Pages that contain mixed media types (text, images and video) tend to generate more inbound links than plain text or image-text-only pages.

By including video in your website content, you increase the probability that other blogs and web pages from around the web will link to it.

iii) Improve conversions

Since video content increases engagement and trust, it’s an excellent way to drive better conversions, especially on commercial pages. Nowadays, videos have become extremely popular in the e-commerce world. People will be more convinced to buy a product if they have seen a video in which the product is featured. Use video to increase conversions in any of your lead generation or sales pages.

iv) Video search engine presence

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is important to cultivate a presence on the most popular video marketing platforms (YouTube and Vimeo). Just like it helps to rank on Google, you also want to rank on these video platforms, towards increasing brand awareness, sales, and referrals.

Validating your Marketing Videos

Video is an integration of text, image and music towards a common goal. Most marketers make the mistake of thinking of video as merely a type of content. To create a video, you need to start with an idea. If you find yourself converting content into a video, then it’s an indication things have gone awry in your creative marketing process.

Answer the following questions to validate your video creation.

Would this content lose something if it was just text and image?

Have it in mind that the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign depends on the ability of your video content to create an instant emotional connection. If your video wouldn’t lose anything if it was just text and image (like with a typical blog post), then this is an indication it’s not the right fit for your video marketing campaign!

Does the idea require aesthetic and conceptual engagement?

If the idea/content you have in mind requires a visual element in order to be interesting – this is an indication that it could work as a video. On the other hand, if you realize that you’re including the visuals as an afterthought, then this is an indication that the idea is not optimal for a video.

3-Point Approach

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a top-notch, viral video. A great video is determined at the planning stage before production starts. Follow this 3-point approach every time you have to produce a marketing video.

o Plan – video marketing should be just one facet in your overall marketing plan. Think of it as an engagement tactic that’s meant to support your key goals. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness or boost conversions, think about what your main goals are. These should guide the creative process of coming up with ideas for a suitable video.

o Produce – once you have a verified idea (using the two questions above), it’s time to create your video. This is where you think about who your target audience are. You also need to think about your production budget. Video production costs vary from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the kind of content and quality you’re looking for. If you can’t produce the video yourself, find a freelancer or company that will bring your idea to life.

o Promote – if you created a great video already, this should be easy. People are going to share a video that they think is awesome. Focus on where your target audience hangs out, and show them your content. Think Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.

This informative guide equips you to get started with video marketing. 45.4% of all internet users watch at least one video in a month. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be making use of video marketing to advance your business interests.

The Simple Step-by-step Guide To Video Marketing

How to Get Started With Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

It’s been a long wait for Instagram Ads.

Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, digital marketers were keen to see how the platform would integrate with Facebook’s kickass Ad suite.

Facebook recently announced that Instagram ad placements have been unlocked for all interested advertisers in Power Editor.

This means you have yet another powerful social media marketing tool you can use to expand your business reach.

But just in case you are wondering how useful Instagram is going to be for your overall advertising plan, it’s important to know that the platform hosts over 400 million monthly active users.

More, so there are over 80 million photos shared and 3.5 billion likes daily.

That is immense potential for increasing your engagement through a visual social media platform that’s growing increasingly popular.

Understand Instagram Ads

Since Facebook owns Instagram, the new ads will align perfectly with your existing Facebook Ads campaigns.

At 7 Figure Automation, we like to think of Instagram Ads as an expansion to your existing audience network. And here’s the best part – you won’t have to adjust your current advertising efforts to the paint points of a new social media network…

Facebook already makes the integration seamless for you.

You can use Instagram ad placements to increase clicks to specific pages on your website, boost your mobile app installs, as well as get more relevant views for your video.

Follow the 4 easy steps below to get started using Instagram ads for your business.

#1 Connect Instagram to Facebook

Take the first step by connecting your Instagram account to Facebook.

This is a prerequisite in order to be able to create your Instagram ads in Facebook’s Power Editor.

Navigate to your business’s Facebook page and hit on the ‘Settings’ option located on the top-right corner.

Facebook Page Settings

Click ‘Instagram Ads’ from the menu that appears in the left column.

Instagram Ads

Hit the ‘Add an Account’ button in the Instagram Ads screen that appears.

Add an Account

You can either use an existing Instagram account, or create a brand new one. Select the appropriate option from the ‘Connect an Instagram Account for Advertising’ screen. If you chose the ‘Create a new account’ option, you can do so within Facebook. Simply select a username for the Instagram account and key in your email address. Click ‘Confirm’ once done.

Connect an Instagram Account for Advertising

Login to the email address you provided and follow the instructions to set a password. Your new Instagram account will now be connected to your Facebook page…

You’ll be able to show the same Ads you created for Facebook on Instagram!

#2 Select Your Ad Type

Facebook provides three ad objectives for Instagram Ads: website clicks, mobile app installs and video views (for videos up to 30 seconds long).

Set up image, video or carousel ads for Instagram. Image ads are the most basic and they feature a standard photo equipped with a call to action button. Video ads use a video instead of an image, while Carousel ads include a number of images that users can browse.

Choose the right option based on the intent of your Instagram marketing campaign.

#3 Configure the Targeting Options

Most of the targeting options you leverage for Facebook ads are available for Instagram ads as well. That means you can fine tune your audience based on their interests, actions, behavior, location and demographics.

Simplify configure targeting options for your Instagram Ads the same way you do it for Facebook Ads. You can get started with three basic targeting options: age, gender and location.

This is an important step so keep your eyes open. You want to make sure that your advertising message gets to the right people, so that you can see high ROI for your advertisement efforts.

Simply put, the trick is to create compelling Ad content then fine-tune your audience so your ads get seen by the right group!

#4 Optimize Your Instagram Ads

a) Leverage Visuals

Instagram is an increasingly popular visual social network. To make sure that your ads hit the bull’s eye, you want to make good use of attention-grabbing visuals that will make people stop to look as they scroll down the page.
Consider capturing top-quality, real photos for your campaign. If this will not suffice, hire a professional photographer or illustrator through a freelancing platform such as Fiverr or Upwork to get it done for you.
Use text within your visual to lead people to the action you want them to take.

b) Hashtags

Hashtags are a solid component for many social media networks today, more so Instagram.
You can increase the reach of your Instagram posts and Ads by mastering the use of appropriate hashtags. These also give you the opportunity to create a connection between your brand and other people who’re using similar hashtags.


Instagram is a mobile app. Thus, your ads can be placed on mobile devices. Instagram ads give you the power to engage your audience in a whole new way. Facebook’s seamless integration with Instagram all the same makes this more accomplishable.

By leveraging the right advertising content, targeting a specific audience and following a solid engagement strategy, you can drive results for your brand and really stand out on the photo-sharing social network!

Mark Marcelletti

Hey There. My name's Mark Marcelletti - CEO of 7 Figure Automation. Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices. I hope you'll join me!

Mark Marcelletti, Entrepreneur | Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant

How to Get Started With Instagram Ads

How To Use Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads

Lead ads are finally here…and that’s great news for you as a marketer or entrepreneur.

Facebook lead ads are a simple-to-use and yet powerful tool that can help increase your targeted business prospects. Facebook released lead ads to Power Editor globally, apparently as a strategy to keep business users. For you as a marketer, Facebook lead generation ads present an opportunity to simplify your list building and social media prospecting.

Facebook advertising and engagement tends to be cheaper on mobile as compared to the desktop, but it’s all the same more expensive to score conversions on mobile. Slow load times, lack of responsiveness and comparative difficulties are just a few of the problems making mobile conversions quite a challenge.

Strategic advertisers and list builders can now use Facebook lead generation ads to bypass this problem.

A Facebook lead ad looks just like any other link under a CTA button. But it’s much more than that. When you click on the lead ad’s CTA button (e.g. “Subscribe”, “Apply Now”, “Sign Up”, etc.) the user immediately sees a form within Facebook.

Load time is drastically reduced, and that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

To learn how you can enhance your Facebook lead generation using this new and innovative advertising tool, keep reading…

Information at the Click of a Button

You definitely know how important an email list is for your marketing. However, the process of gathering list subscribers through the social networks can be cumbersome. And if you’re not willing to put in the necessary time, you have to spend loads of money on paid advertising.

Facebook Lead Ads change all that. They simplify your Facebook lead generation by making it easier for you to capitalize on information users have already given to Facebook.

When you run a lead ad, Facebook auto fills the information you require from a user’s profile. This includes email addresses, full names, street address, zip, city, state, phone, country, company names and job titles.

You probably know very well that asking for too much information from users can make your ads less effective. Through a one-click, convenient approach, Facebook lead ads make that the least of your concerns.

To gather leads before Facebook introduced lead ads, you had to:

  • Create an enticing link share ad to compel users to click.
  • Redirect users who clicked to your external landing page (e.g. on your website).
  • Do your best within the landing page to make sure that users actually bit the bait and entered the information you required (e.g. their names and email address).

This was a complicated process that often saw users lose interest somewhere along the way:

  • Slow load time could discourage them from completing the form.
  • Poor presentation of landing page content often bored them away.
  • Asking for too much information easily discouraged them.

With Facebook lead generation ads, you can now forget this complicated method and focus on an approach that actually works for your business!

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads

You can create Facebook lead ads through your Power Editor, or Facebook Marketing Partner.

The steps sequenced below highlight the common Power Editor method…

✓ Navigate to your Power Editor, then select the new Lead Generation option. From your ad set, you’ll note that there’s only one option available – mobile. That’s because lead ads started out with mobile, desktop will be available soon enough.

✓ From the Optimization & Pricing screen, select Leads in the “Optimize For” screen. If you realize that CPC will work better for you, go for the Clicks option instead.
I recommend that you opt to get the most leads at the best price in the Pricing field.

✓ Create your ad in the editing screen that follows. You’ll realize that most of this process is similar to what you’d do for a typical link ad. Simply provide text that goes above the image, the link headline and description, and as well upload your ad image (dimensions 1200 x 628 pixels).
Unlike with link ads, where Facebook automatically pulls this data, you have to fill everything manually for lead ads.

✓ Go ahead and choose an appropriate CTA button. The usual options are available: Apply Now, Download, Get Quote, Learn More, Sign Up and Subscribe.

✓ To create a lead form, navigate downwards on your ad creation page to get to the Lead Form section.

✓ Choose create a new form. Enter the name of your new Facebook lead generation form and then click Next.” In the next step, you can turn on the check boxes to specify what information you want to request from people who see your ads. You’ll probably just need to collect a name and email address for your mailing list. But if you need more data, click on the Show More Options link.

✓ (Optionally) Include a custom question by hitting on the Add a Question objective at the bottom. You can either insert an existing question from the panel on your right-hand side or just type in up to 3 questions from scratch. Leave the answers open ended or provide choices. Play with the options to see what you can come up with for your Facebook lead generation campaign.

✓ Once you’re comfortable with what you have put together, click Next to go to the Privacy Policy and disclaimer screen. You’ll be required to supply a link to your privacy policy. This is a necessary step to get your form and lead generation ads approved. The disclaimer field is however optional.

✓ Facebook gives users a link to click after they have submitted your form. So add a link to your site and then preview your lead generation form.
Once you’re happy with everything, hit Create Form

Your leads are collected in a CSV file. Access this file by navigating to your page and then choose Publishing Tools from the top right area.

Once done, go for Lead Ads Forms on the left. It would be better to have this list in your CRM, right? You’ll just need to import manually!

To integrate automatically though, you’ll need to use a Facebook marketing partner (e.g. Marketo, Salesforce, Eloqua and Driftrock).

Increase Conversion Rates of Lead Ads

There’s no point creating Facebook lead ads if you can’t convert them, right?

At the end of the day, your goal is to get as many leads as possible from your Facebook lead ads efforts. Optimizing for conversion is a crucial step.

Consider the following creative best practices to make the best out of your lead ads:

✓ See your ad as the landing page it is. Create a compelling title, description, and as well include a compelling image. The goal is to present what makes your ad special. Give your target audience a couple of good reasons to click on your call to action button in the first place.

✓ Watch the CTR. If your ad is too ‘form-like’ and you realize that CTR is dropping to an unacceptable levels, try creative ideas to optimize it and keep CTR high.

✓ Make sure that you’re offering something awesome to reward users who complete the form. You’re asking people to give their personal information here. Whatever you’re giving away should be high-value. So whether you’re offering out a free PDF, a coupon code, or a limited-time-offer, ensure that you have a pretty good deal!

This Facebook ads guide gives you the insights you need to get started experimenting on the new, powerful tool. You now know just how valuable lead ads can be! Get on it and see how well it works for your business!

Mark Marcelletti

Hey There. My name's Mark Marcelletti - CEO of 7 Figure Automation. Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices. I hope you'll join me!

Mark Marcelletti, Entrepreneur | Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant

How To Use Facebook Lead Ads

How to Create Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads

YouTube is no doubt the world’s most popular video marketing platform.

If you are serious about leaving no stones unturned in your marketing, you’ve got to take a shot at every opportunity that comes your way.

Facebook video Ads are a new but powerful tool that you can use to reach out to your prospects in an engaging way.

Statistics suggest that Facebook video Ads are catching up (if not already outdoing) YouTube video ads, when it comes to the total number of monthly views on both mobile and desktop.

Smart entrepreneurs and marketers take advantage of this new trend to get more results for their marketing. There’s no dispute video ads work better than any other form of advertisement…

Especially if you know how to create killer video ads.

This guide equips you with the skills you need to make the best out of Facebook video ads. Keep reading…


First things first…have it in mind that the key goal of your Facebook video Ads campaign is to increase audience reach and engagement

And lift your brand.

Get started by planning your video creation.. Have a plan in advance to increase the probability that you’ll come out looking good.

  • What do you want to create a video about?
  • What’s you main takeaway?
  • What theme do you want your message to convey to your audience?
  • What is your Call To Action?

Half the work will be done once you can answer all these questions.

The next step is to write a script.

Simply write down what you want to say, bearing in mind how you’re going to say it, and what text or graphics you’re going to need to accompany it. Shorter is better. If you can’t work your way around a solid script, consider hiring a freelancer to do it for you on Upwork or


Facebook makes it easy and possible for you to create video advertising campaigns. Simply login to your advertising manager and click on Create Ad from the top right corner of your screen.

In the screen that appears, click Get Video Views. Select which page you want to promote with your Video Ads. Set up the campaign name and select your target demographics.

Get video views

Facebook’s hyper-surgical targeting features make this super easy for you. You can narrow down your audience based on custom audiences, locations, age, gender, language, interests or behaviors.

Audience Definition

After your campaign has been successfully set up, it’s time to include some textual description and call to action for your Facebook video ad.

The Text field gives you an opportunity to write something compelling about what you’re promoting. Also, select a call to action that will be visible to customers when they’re watching the video.


You can create Facebook video Ads using the Power Editor.

This is however a somewhat more complex route…but the best option if you’re looking to create different variations of your video ad for split testing purposes.

Login to your Facebook Ad Manager and select the Power Editor menu option. Download your Advertising account data into the Power Editor tool. You’ll be able to sort your data by campaign, then create a new campaign altogether.

In the Create Campaign screen, enter the name of your new campaign, select buying type and then choose Video Views from the Objective drop down field. Switch to the ad set view in the next dialog and then create a new ad set for your video ads. Ad sets are groups of ads that target a particular group of people. The more you segment your ad sets, the easier it’s going to be for you to analyze the target level results of your campaign.

Once you have set up your ad set, switch from campaign view to the ad set view in Power Editor’s vertical menu. Pick the ad set you created above and then select the Ads tab at the top area of your screen. You’ll be able to create a new ad from the screen that shows.

Select the page you intend to promote, enter compelling text telling people what you’re promoting, then upload your video. You’ll also specify a call to action in this last step.


Here are five easy strategies to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Video Ads:

  • Use the 3-second Rule – Facebook recently introduced the autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos and then stops immediately people scroll past it. What does this imply?
    You just have 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.
    So make sure that your video’s start is compelling and attention grabbing.
    It’s also important to note that Facebook defines a Video View as a view extending for three seconds or more. Thus, your first 3 seconds make great sense from a metric standpoint.
  • Keep it quiet – Facebook’s autoplay feature is designed to make each video play without a sound as people scroll down their feed. This means that your business should focus on the visual message. Focus on making what users see during those first 3 seconds as engaging as possible, without relying on sound.
  • Flexibility counts – Facebook’s hyper targeting features give you a lot of credibility – use it! Try out specific segments and see what works for you. If one of the Facebook video ads that you had high hopes in isn’t performing, drop it and create a better one.
  • Make it real – the best-performing Facebook video ads tend to focus on user engagement and the story, as opposed to explicit sales gimmicks. Focus on cultivating that unique experience that will make users click right off the bat.
  • Customer comes first – Facebook’s power targeting lets you reach out to the right people with a message that’s fine-tuned to their needs and motivations. Make sure that your video ads stay true to your customers. Your message should resonate with the situation your audience is currently facing.


Once your video ads are up and running, you’ll want to step back and look at how things are going? Think about your KPIs.

  • How many conversions have you got since you started running these video ads?
  • Did you have a bounce rate problem?
  • How many shares, likes, comments and other marks of engagement did you get?
  • Did your Facebook video ads reach out to as many people as you wanted?

Asking these questions helps you improve your campaign so that you get better results.

Drop what doesn’t work, focus on what works. Make your ads better with each iteration!


Facebook video marketing harbors a lot of potential for your business. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not making use of Facebook video ads to boost your brand and products!

Mark Marcelletti

Hey There. My name's Mark Marcelletti - CEO of 7 Figure Automation. Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices. I hope you'll join me!

Mark Marcelletti, Entrepreneur | Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant

How to Create Facebook Video Ads

7 Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Increased Reach

Facebook Custom Audiences

Ever since its 2012 launch, Facebook custom audiences has been an incredible tool…

It’s currently used by thousands of companies and millions of marketers from around the world.

THIS is a strategic tool that you can leverage to fine-tune your targeted prospects and reach out to more customers.

If you’re having trouble getting engagement from your audience, this article highlights 7 effective Facebook custom audience techniques that you can use to increase your marketing engagement and reach starting RIGHT NOW.

1. Leverage Category-Based Custom Audiences

Go to “Custom Audiences” and then Choose “People who visit specific web pages” in the “Create Audience” tab to create category-based website custom audiences.

create audience






If you have a blog, you probably create content on varied topics.

For instance, an insurance blog may have categories such as auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc.

Use website custom audiences to create a Facebook audiences based on the category of content people read on your blog.

This makes it easy for you to target a very relevant group with your Facebook marketing…

If you want to sell a short guide on available auto insurance packages, direct your sales marketing to the particular custom audience that’s relevant to that category!

This is an incredible way to increase Facebook reach and as well improve conversions.

2. Play with Durations

When you create website custom audiences, Facebook defaults the duration to 30 days. This means your audience is going to comprise of people who visited particular pages on your website within the last one month.

create audience duration









That’s valuable, because it gives you fairly recent data that you can really count on.

But 30 days is just a tip of the ice berg. To get a clearer picture of what’s happening on the long-term, try switching to a longer duration.

You might want to try 180 days and see what happens.

If you’re getting less than 5, 000 visitors to your website in one month, increasing this duration can also help you identify drops or improvements in performance.

However, for purposes of crafting ads, stick to shorter durations. It works best that way.

3. Facebook Pixel Custom Audience

custom audience pixel

Facebook now makes it super easy for you to track conversions. This is BIG!

You can directly track how many of the people who saw your ads actually converted. You do this easily by creating a conversion tracking pixel in the Adverts Manager>Adverts Create Tool or Power Editor (using the Chrome Browser). Once this is done, you get a couple of lines of code that you then add to your website.

The good thing about Facebook Pixel is that it can easily track conversions such as checkouts, leads, registrations and key page views, as well as customers adding products to cart.

Just make sure you place the pixel in an actual conversion page! The pixel code will do the rest.

Before the first conversion, the pixel status will read as ‘unverified’, but after that it’ll switch to ‘verified’ so you can see what’s going on.

If you are serious optimizing relevant reach for every dollar spent on Facebook, you really have no excuse!

4. Individual Traffic Sources

Mailing lists are the hallmark of sustainable marketing.

Smart marketers focus on building a landing page, and then creating customer remarketing lists for each of these landing pages. This works great particularly where you’re creating campaigns based on links people have visited, through website custom audiences.

Segmenting traffic sources with landing page URLs helps analyze your audiences and establish where the most relevant users are coming from. For instance, by having a different landing page for Facebook, and a different one for visitors from Google, you’ll have two lookalike audiences that you can easily compare.

After you have set up the landing pages, Go to Facebook Custom Audience dashboard and then select the “People who visit specific web pages” option.

Use Facebook custom audiences to bring order to your marketing and distinguish between your traffic sources so you can focus on what works best.

5. Increase Reach & Profitability with an Upsell Audience

Facebook is a great place to engage customers and develop brand authority…

But it’s also a hotspot for increasing profitability through upsells.

Simply create a custom Facebook audience enveloping all customers who bought something from your business in recent times, and then target this particular group with upsells!

For instance, find customers who recently purchased a PC and then upsell them with accessories. It has to be relevant to the product that was purchased in the first place.

You can also upsell services. If you’re offering insurance subscriptions on your website, upsell related packages.

You might want to find out whether a customer who JUST purchased an auto insurance package would also be interested in home insurance!

6. Target Based on Behavior

Fine-tune your Facebook ads based on visitor behavior. Navigate to Campaigns>Power Editor and make use of behavioral factors to craft ads that will increase your Facebook reach.

Start with custom audiences and then narrow down to fine-tune the group by interest and behavior. Facebook provides auto-suggestions that you can easily use on both the ‘Interests’ and ‘Behaviors’ field.

custom audience

Consider targeting your audience based on digital activities, mobile device use, events attended, travel behaviors, etc. This gives you more control over who your content gets to.

Ultimately, you can design your Facebook marketing in such a way that every piece of content you throw away is only seen by the right group, thus increasing relevant reach.

Most marketers overlook split testing based on interests and behaviors, but this can be an instrumental way to better understand your audience.

Try creating different custom audiences based on different interests or behaviors that are pertinent to your niche. The more you understand your audience, the easier you can tailor-make your marketing!

7. WCA Re-Engaging

You can increase your Facebook reach by leveraging website custom audiences to re-engage prospects who haven’t visited your site in the recent past.


Facebook custom audiences has an option called “People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time.”

people who haven't visited in a certain amount of time










Use this option to drive content to a group that has visited your site in the past, but not during the most recent “X” days. It’s good to bring back these people before they completely lose interest and unsubscribe from your dealings.


There’s just no limit to what you can do to increase your reach with Facebook custom audiences. If you aren’t already leveraging these techniques, get started now to make sure that every single advertising dollar reaps maximum results for you!

Mark Marcelletti

Hey There. My name's Mark Marcelletti - CEO of 7 Figure Automation. Our information products and coaching programs are successful in helping people just like you progress the Internet landscape to attain financial freedom. I've set out to create a culture of innovation to help you build the business of your dreams through creativity, conversations, and shared best practices. I hope you'll join me!

Mark Marcelletti, Entrepreneur | Speaker | Digital Marketing Consultant

7 Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Increased Reach