7 Important Elements That Boost Landing Page Conversions

7 Important Elements That Boost Landing Page Conversions

Spending hours creating the perfect landing page only to see sub-par conversions can be quite frustrating.

It seems like all your competitors are consistently generating new leads and making tons of money. Their landing pages don’t seem much different than yours, yet they’re exceeding a 40% opt-in rate.

You’re starting to get overwhelmed. You’re delivering useful, engaging content, and you’re getting positive feedback on your lead magnet. But you can’t seem to get anywhere close to a 40% opt-in rate.

At this point, you’re starting to wonder if you have bad luck or something.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

DO NOT design another landing page without these 7 elements

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Personally, it took me quite a long time to crack the landing page code. I spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars finding strategies that actually worked.

To save you time (and money!) I’ve put together the top 7 elements that had the greatest impact on my traffic and conversions.

This step-by-step guide breaks down the entire optimization process into the 7 most valuable elements of any landing page.

1. Attention-Getting Headline

Your headline should be clear, concise, and benefit-driven. Avoid technical or unnecessary words. You will want to reach your customers in a deep and emotional way. Use this free headline analyzer to determine your headline’s Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score.

2. Clean And Simple Design

Most themes use big images for background filler. This is a bad choice because they slow down the load time (lowering conversions) and take away valuable space. And after reviewing many split tests, it’s no surprise that the plain and ugly landing pages always win. Clean & Simple: 5 – Colorful & Busy: 0.

3. Graphic Of Lead Magnet

Pictures tell the story. But, your graphic must be professional looking to boost conversions. For professional and inexpensive designs – checkout Fiverr.

4. Two-Step Optin

The two-step optin button usually has something like “download now” or “get instant access!” as opposed to having a form on the page. The two-step optin flies under the radar because it doesn’t appear that you’re asking for something and it adds a micro-commitment before the big commitment to give you their email.

5. Optin Button Above “The Fold”

Most of your visitors won’t scroll below the fold. Make sure that your two-step optin button appears on the landing page, without having to scroll. And if you have a long-form landing page – make sure to put another optin button at the bottom.

6. Specific & Congruent Bullet Points

The text and imagery on your landing page should match the text and imagery that was shown in whatever ad or creative that brought your visitor to your landing page. In addition, you should explain EXACTLY what they’re getting (e.g. “Discover 5 ways to find your audience’s interests and generate a limitless supply of inexpensive traffic”).

7. Retargeting Pixel

Retargeting is essential to getting your conversions above 40%. Most of the time your visitors will get distracted and forget to take you up on your offer.

Retargeting Pixels are pieces of code that are placed in the header or footer of your website (and hidden in the background). They place anonymous retargeting “cookies” in a visitor’s browser. This allows you to display follow-up ads across the web and on Facebook.

Use these 7 elements to reduce your traffic costs and boost conversions more efficiently. And remember…there’s always another conversion percentage point to be squeezed out of your visitors.

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7 Important Elements That Boost Landing Page Conversions