7 Simple Steps To Writing Compelling Sales Copy

You know you can do better. There’s always room for improving your writing. Whether you’re writing sales copy for a landing page or posting content to your blog—effective copy is the most valuable asset to getting a prospect’s attention and their hard earned money.

But as content marketing continues to become more and more important, you’ll need to get good at producing high quality content in less time. To accomplish this you need a system for predictably and effortlessly creating great copy on command. Wouldn’t you like that? Go ahead and steal these 7 simple steps to writing compelling sales copy.

Step 1

Become an expert on the product or service you’re selling. You’ll get your greatest ideas digging into discovering everything you can about a product or service than from any other resource.

Step 2

Know your prospect. You might become an expert on your product or service but if you don’t know your customer, your competition will have a serious advantage. What will influence your prospect to become a customer? Who is a good prospect for you? Questions like these give you insight and bring forth many actionable ideas.

Step 3

Write your headline and subheadline. They must grab your reader and create enough curiosity to get them to read the first sentence. Headlines that spark curiosity are most effective. “10 Step Digital Marketing Solution,” “The One Weird Trick That Tripled My Sales,” “What Business Are You Meant For?”—all leave out details and create enough curiosity to get you to read the subheadline. Subheadlines should be about 16 words, and first sentences should be as short as possible.

Step 4

Write the copy. Forget about sentence structure, grammar, punctuation—just start writing and keep writing. Let all your ideas and thoughts flow into the computer and most importantly don’t worry about making mistakes. The purpose is to take everything out of your head about the topic and put it into your computer (develop the habit of becoming an imperfect action-taker from the 12 Habits Of A Rockstar Online Entrepreneur). Next comes the most important part—editing.

Step 5

Edit your copy. Go through it and correct your spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Get rid of extra words not necessary to express your thoughts. Clean things up.

Step 6

Incubate. Stop editing, put the content aside and take a walk or do something relaxing. You’ll be amazed at what getting away from your computer will do for you. If you can come back to it the next day, even better. The more time between what you’ve just edited and taking the next step—the better.

Step 7

Take a final review of your copy. You’ll be blown away with how much more you’re going to catch and how much more refined you’ll be able to make your copy with this final review. Of course you could easily repeat steps 5 and 6 and continue to edit until you are happy with your results.

As soon as you use the 7 steps to writing compelling sales copy a few times, you’ll be amazed at just how much better your copy turns out. Often times my first draft isn’t anything exciting. All the magic happens when you slow down let the creative process take its course.

7 Simple Steps To Writing Compelling Sales Copy