7 Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Increased Reach

Facebook Custom Audiences

Ever since its 2012 launch, Facebook custom audiences has been an incredible tool…

It’s currently used by thousands of companies and millions of marketers from around the world.

THIS is a strategic tool that you can leverage to fine-tune your targeted prospects and reach out to more customers.

If you’re having trouble getting engagement from your audience, this article highlights 7 effective Facebook custom audience techniques that you can use to increase your marketing engagement and reach starting RIGHT NOW.

1. Leverage Category-Based Custom Audiences

Go to “Custom Audiences” and then Choose “People who visit specific web pages” in the “Create Audience” tab to create category-based website custom audiences.

create audience






If you have a blog, you probably create content on varied topics.

For instance, an insurance blog may have categories such as auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc.

Use website custom audiences to create a Facebook audiences based on the category of content people read on your blog.

This makes it easy for you to target a very relevant group with your Facebook marketing…

If you want to sell a short guide on available auto insurance packages, direct your sales marketing to the particular custom audience that’s relevant to that category!

This is an incredible way to increase Facebook reach and as well improve conversions.

2. Play with Durations

When you create website custom audiences, Facebook defaults the duration to 30 days. This means your audience is going to comprise of people who visited particular pages on your website within the last one month.

create audience duration









That’s valuable, because it gives you fairly recent data that you can really count on.

But 30 days is just a tip of the ice berg. To get a clearer picture of what’s happening on the long-term, try switching to a longer duration.

You might want to try 180 days and see what happens.

If you’re getting less than 5, 000 visitors to your website in one month, increasing this duration can also help you identify drops or improvements in performance.

However, for purposes of crafting ads, stick to shorter durations. It works best that way.

3. Facebook Pixel Custom Audience

custom audience pixel

Facebook now makes it super easy for you to track conversions. This is BIG!

You can directly track how many of the people who saw your ads actually converted. You do this easily by creating a conversion tracking pixel in the Adverts Manager>Adverts Create Tool or Power Editor (using the Chrome Browser). Once this is done, you get a couple of lines of code that you then add to your website.

The good thing about Facebook Pixel is that it can easily track conversions such as checkouts, leads, registrations and key page views, as well as customers adding products to cart.

Just make sure you place the pixel in an actual conversion page! The pixel code will do the rest.

Before the first conversion, the pixel status will read as ‘unverified’, but after that it’ll switch to ‘verified’ so you can see what’s going on.

If you are serious optimizing relevant reach for every dollar spent on Facebook, you really have no excuse!

4. Individual Traffic Sources

Mailing lists are the hallmark of sustainable marketing.

Smart marketers focus on building a landing page, and then creating customer remarketing lists for each of these landing pages. This works great particularly where you’re creating campaigns based on links people have visited, through website custom audiences.

Segmenting traffic sources with landing page URLs helps analyze your audiences and establish where the most relevant users are coming from. For instance, by having a different landing page for Facebook, and a different one for visitors from Google, you’ll have two lookalike audiences that you can easily compare.

After you have set up the landing pages, Go to Facebook Custom Audience dashboard and then select the “People who visit specific web pages” option.

Use Facebook custom audiences to bring order to your marketing and distinguish between your traffic sources so you can focus on what works best.

5. Increase Reach & Profitability with an Upsell Audience

Facebook is a great place to engage customers and develop brand authority…

But it’s also a hotspot for increasing profitability through upsells.

Simply create a custom Facebook audience enveloping all customers who bought something from your business in recent times, and then target this particular group with upsells!

For instance, find customers who recently purchased a PC and then upsell them with accessories. It has to be relevant to the product that was purchased in the first place.

You can also upsell services. If you’re offering insurance subscriptions on your website, upsell related packages.

You might want to find out whether a customer who JUST purchased an auto insurance package would also be interested in home insurance!

6. Target Based on Behavior

Fine-tune your Facebook ads based on visitor behavior. Navigate to Campaigns>Power Editor and make use of behavioral factors to craft ads that will increase your Facebook reach.

Start with custom audiences and then narrow down to fine-tune the group by interest and behavior. Facebook provides auto-suggestions that you can easily use on both the ‘Interests’ and ‘Behaviors’ field.

custom audience

Consider targeting your audience based on digital activities, mobile device use, events attended, travel behaviors, etc. This gives you more control over who your content gets to.

Ultimately, you can design your Facebook marketing in such a way that every piece of content you throw away is only seen by the right group, thus increasing relevant reach.

Most marketers overlook split testing based on interests and behaviors, but this can be an instrumental way to better understand your audience.

Try creating different custom audiences based on different interests or behaviors that are pertinent to your niche. The more you understand your audience, the easier you can tailor-make your marketing!

7. WCA Re-Engaging

You can increase your Facebook reach by leveraging website custom audiences to re-engage prospects who haven’t visited your site in the recent past.


Facebook custom audiences has an option called “People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time.”

people who haven't visited in a certain amount of time










Use this option to drive content to a group that has visited your site in the past, but not during the most recent “X” days. It’s good to bring back these people before they completely lose interest and unsubscribe from your dealings.


There’s just no limit to what you can do to increase your reach with Facebook custom audiences. If you aren’t already leveraging these techniques, get started now to make sure that every single advertising dollar reaps maximum results for you!

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7 Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Increased Reach