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The Simple Step-by-Step Guide To Video Marketing

Video is a powerful marketing tool that demands full time-bound attention from your audience. From explainer videos to creative video ads, more marketers are using video marketing today. People are more perceptive to marketing videos than text and image based content. In fact, the word video increases open rates by up to 19% in email […]

How To Use Facebook Lead Ads

Lead ads are finally here…and that’s great news for you as a marketer or entrepreneur. Facebook lead ads are a simple-to-use and yet powerful tool that can help increase your targeted business prospects. Facebook released lead ads to Power Editor globally, apparently as a strategy to keep business users. For you as a marketer, Facebook […]

How to Create Facebook Video Ads

YouTube is no doubt the world’s most popular video marketing platform. If you are serious about leaving no stones unturned in your marketing, you’ve got to take a shot at every opportunity that comes your way. Facebook video Ads are a new but powerful tool that you can use to reach out to your prospects […]

7 Ways to Use Facebook Custom Audiences for Increased Reach

Ever since its 2012 launch, Facebook custom audiences has been an incredible tool… It’s currently used by thousands of companies and millions of marketers from around the world. THIS is a strategic tool that you can leverage to fine-tune your targeted prospects and reach out to more customers. If you’re having trouble getting engagement from […]

Using Facebook Audience Insights to Engage your Community

Do you know what’s the easiest way to find your target audience and get them to engage with your marketing campaigns? Facebook Audience Insights. But you need to know HOW to use it and WHAT to do with the information… You can deploy the full power of Facebook marketing by collecting intelligence on your fans […]

3 Easy Ways To Boost Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a valuable skill in today’s challenging world. Most people know how to build physical strength – but there’s a lot more ambiguity when it comes to building mental strength. The reason is simple. Your thoughts have powerful influence over what you feel and how you behave. In fact, scientists at the Laboratory […]

The Ultimate Video Marketing Tool Box

If you’re not using video marketing to boost your business’s engagement and sales, you’re already behind the eight ball… Using video strategy in your business is considered par for the course because your competition is already benefiting from this valuable tool. That’s why you need leverage from the best video marketing tools available to give your marketing the boost it […]

4 Types of YouTube Ads That Quickly Boost Revenue

YouTube ads are THE most powerful type of advertising. The combination of video marketing with Google’s search engine gives you incredible leverage when attracting more traffic, leads, and sales online. Video is the best way to capture a person’s attention and influence their emotions. As a marketer, video gives you the ability to build personal connections […]