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10 Factors To A Highly Converting Ad

It’s a secret that’s been around for decades. Successful advertisers have been using it to consistently generate leads and sales through virtually every advertising medium. The secret is that there are 10 factors to a highly converting ad. All the components in an ad are fundamentally designed to do one thing and one thing only: […]

7 Simple Steps To Writing Compelling Sales Copy

You know you can do better. There’s always room for improving your writing. Whether you’re writing sales copy for a landing page or posting content to your blog—effective copy is the most valuable asset to getting a prospect’s attention and their hard earned money. But as content marketing continues to become more and more important, […]

26 Time Management Hacks

We’ve all heard it before. “Everyone has the same 168 hours in a week.” Despite this universal time-constraint, there are high achievers getting a lot more done than others. How are they doing it? Productivity is not about multi-tasking or sleeping less…it’s about making the most of your time and focusing on your most valuable activities. Want […]

My 7 Biggest Takeaways From Traffic And Conversion Summit 2015

It’s the most amazing event for entrepreneurs and online marketers. Three days of cutting-edge strategies, proven business models, discussion panels and the world’s most successful online marketers. Digital Marketer’s Traffic And Conversion Summit is THE event you do not want to miss. But thankfully I’ve got you covered. I was there all three days and […]

How To Easily Create A Social Media Sales Funnel

You’ve probably heard. Social media sales funnels are disrupting the way we do business online. In fact, without one of these digital funnels, your business is at risk of failing to keep up. And it gets worse. Businesses that don’t have a way to capture prospects email addresses for later follow-up could be leaving as much […]

12 Habits Of A Rockstar Online Entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur or an online marketer, you probably realize that starting an online business and actually achieving a favorable outcome are two completely different stories – especially if you just showed up to the party. The progression of social media and online marketing technology has made it easy and inexpensive enough for just […]