Behind The Scenes With Clate Mask and Inc. 500 (Reaction)

“Feast on positivity, cause you’re going to get pounded with negativity every step of the way while you build your business.” is one standout quote from Inc.’s recent interview with Infusionsoft CEO, Clate Mask.

The interview is part of Inc.’s Seriously Amazing Entrepreneurs series, and also ties in with the 15th anniversary of Infusionsoft’s launch.

While a title like Seriously Amazing Entrepreneurs could seem like a cliche’ or throw-away term to some, it’s pretty fitting for Clate and his work.

Infusionsoft has genuinely set the bar and created an entire ecosystem for automation, customer relations and email marketing.

There are many current email programs, automation tools and best-practices guides that owe their entire philosophy to what Clate and Infusionsoft have created. This wasn’t plagiarism or idea stealing; instead, it’s because Infusionsoft popularized a lot of what we consider “best practices” in marketing today.

Throughout Inc.’s interview, Clate gives eye-opening insight on the growing pains that Infusionsoft experienced during its first three years:

“For the first three years failure just meant we weren’t going to successfully create a business for ourselves and provide our own incomes… we had to make a pretty huge adjustment to our business model, which caused our (customer) churn to shoot through the roof and our business model to go out of whack. We got close to running out of money and losing the company.”

He also touched on more recent struggles:
“Several years ago, we made the decision to change our cost structure, we had to let go a chunk of employees or we were not going to make it, it came at a hard time, when we were struggling as a company, but we had to makes changes.”

When reading Clate and Inc.’s interview, you’ll find plenty of wisdom centered around Infusionsoft, but we bet you can apply it to  your company, life or even your daily routine.

However, it’s not all Infusionsoft based, there’s lots of great insight on personal development and general entrepreneurship. Improving yourself and your brand are strongly tied together .

More of our favorite quotes are below, and you can read the entire article right here.

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On advice for entrepreneurs

“My biggest advice for entrepreneurs is to master the ‘game between your ears’, and that comes down to eating positivity for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

When asked if he ever wanted to give up

“No. Never thought of that. Honest truth. I love what we do and have an undying belief that we’ll be successful. That belief is far stronger than the challenges and threats that we face.”

On timing and vision

“In the first few years, we had no intention of InfusionSoft becoming so big. It took about 5-6 years to develop a vision. We’re just scratching the surface and we have very big ambitions.”