Cold Calling Is DEAD So Put Down The Phone And Do This Instead


Attention business owners and sales professionals, cold calling has moved from a “necessary evil” to just plain evil, and your business and reputation could be put at risk if you keep persisting on cold calls.

I’m sure that’s something you’ve heard before, so why should you pay attention now? Here are the important things to consider:

  • Cold call conversion rates average about 1% and only climb to about 2% for top brands.
  • More than 5 people are involved in today’s’ B2B purchase decision, so cold callers need to immediately understand who they’re speaking with, what part of the funnel they’re in, and overcome enough objections to get four more people involved in the process.
  • Large businesses and enterprises are now introducing gatekeepers so you can’t get to the right job title unless you’ve got their name (and typically an appointment).
  • More Americans are running their own businesses than ever before, which often means using their personal phones for business.
  • Some 200 million people have joined do-not-call lists, which means some businesses are on there too.

And all that is topped off by the fact that cold calls can be annoying.

Imagine your target is on a tight deadline to get some messages or sales calls out and their phone keeps ringing with people who aren’t on the call sheet. Every interruption is stressful and makes it harder to do their job, and now you’re the third call like that it a row.

You are instantly facing an uphill climb where all they want to do is get you off the phone, and what you need to do is stay on long enough to make your pitch.

Americans are busier than ever with more work and stress than they can handle, but all cold calling can do is add to this.

It’s time to end it.

It’s time to focus on leads and prospects that you can qualify (and learn the first name of); the ones who are going to be receptive to your call and not hate you for it. Here’s what I suggest you try instead to generate the leads your business needs.

1. Share Valuable Content

Introduce yourself and your brand by giving a potential lead a link that addresses their chief pain points. It positions you as a partner and has no ask, instead opts for building a relationship.

This creates an easy path to get to your services or products after a few interactions, giving you time to establish credibility and authority.

Focus on pain points you identify when building out a customer profile — and if you don’t have profiles or need help building them, reach out and I’ll share one of our tools.

2. Create Your Own Valuable Content

It’s good to give people something that helps; it’s even better to own the content that helps. Whether it’s an eBook, a blog, LinkedIn posts, or video tutorials, give your targets something they need with your logo splashed all over it.

Discuss pain points and offer resolutions while cementing yourself as an authority.

3. Expand With New Media

Blogs are an amazing tool, but they aren’t the only thing you should be considering. Today, the hottest growth area in B2B is turning out to be videos.

Videos that answer a question — especially if it discusses software — can rack up highly targeted views and create plenty of ways for people to learn about you and interact with your brand.

Common problems are high-value targets, and they give an easy connection option but letting viewers know you can create custom solutions too. If you offer a free consultation (more on that down below), then you’ve got a smart funnel designed specifically to provide aid.

4. Reach Out On LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and More

Social media is taking up more and more time in the B2B space because it’s how buyers conduct research and where professionals look for support in their positions, to find new research, or to read about latest best practices.

Target the networks that best fit your customer profile and look for relevant keywords, hashtags, groups, lists, and chats around the topic, industry, and specific customers.

5. Share Your Personal Knowledge

Don’t limit your prospecting to what you can do under just the company name. Engage your prospects personally in places like LinkedIn’s groups or during a Twitter chat to answer questions and provide support to targets. It creates a connection that makes it much easier to get your foot in the door when it comes to going for the sale.

6. Share On Your Personal Accounts

Building on our theme of attacking from all angles with all content, you can also share the same top quality content you’ve curated through your personal profile and feeds, plus in those LinkedIn groups you’ve joined.

Make it a mix of company-published materials with articles and infographics from other sources to maximize your chances of being seen as a leader instead of just a company suit.

7. Convert Content To Inbound Lead Emails

Use all the content you’re spending time gathering and creating in as many ways as possible. One avenue often overlooked is the ability to use content as part of an email campaign that provides information and support for inbound leads.

This way you can avoid jumping right into the sales process and give yourself more time to learn about your leads as they get insights into what your business can do for them. It’s a way for you to more actively participate in the research process that most B2B buyers perform — and it sets you up to have a conversation much sooner in that process than you otherwise would.

8. Capture Email Addresses With All Lead Tools

Long forms are a giant pain, especially when you want whatever content is on the other side. End that hassle.

This suggestion is a double-whammy because limiting what you capture to just a name and an email address gives you almost all the information you need anyway but also makes prospects visiting your site more likely to fill out the form and get your downloadable.

Bonus points if you have a CRM that can assist with collecting this information, tagging people who’ve downloaded your goods, and creating specific tasks or sending email reminders to help your sales team act on these new leads.

If you’re looking for a little help here, let me know. We specialize in creating this type of process for B2B brands.

9. Flesh Out Company Information

Whether through your CRM or some gumshoe work of your own, you can best understand site visitors and potential prospects when you know more about their company. Integrated platforms make it easy to generate this context, but you can also look it up yourself.

For manual work, don’t neglect looking at prospect social accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

10.Track Any Behavior You Can

If your website can track visitor behaviors, work hard to incorporate this with your CRM to determine the best channels to reach out, the right message to deliver, and the perfect time to send it.

Whenever possible track high-level and granular data, from company size and location to individual user visits, page views, and time spent on your site. Pairing this with company and individual data that you’ve already collected builds a more holistic view of the prospect and prevents any calls or emails from being cold.

11. Build Case Studies

If a prospect knows that you can solve the problems that they face, they’re more likely to engage with your client and staff, warming up your leads.

Case studies are an uncomplicated way to let companies know what you can do, plus similarities between your profiled client and the new lead will make it easier for them to know you’ve got the expertise they need.

Help your potential clients with their research and make their initial decisions that much easier by showcasing your big wins and highlighting how easy it is to work with you.

12. Ask For And Showcase Recommendations

These three R’s are you new best friends: Referrals, recommendations, and reviews.

Ask for each when you have a satisfied customer. The B2B space is a great place to seek referrals because most businesses work with a variety of similar service providers.

Consider if company A helps you solve the problem of its partner, company B, and you’re able to solve a problem for company B. You get credit for the resolution, and company B now knows that company A wants them as a partner instead of just a sale.


This is a terrific way to build out a list of specific targets. It’s okay to ask your customers for a direct, narrow referral.

“Do you work with any SaaS providers that also struggle with getting Infusionsoft funnels off the ground?”


A recommendation is one step further than a referral because your client/contact is taking the step to introduce you and tell the prospect how great of a partner you’ve been. These are less common but have a high success rate, so it’s almost always worth asking your satisfied customers for referrals.


The most trusted piece of online marketing or advertising is the customer review. In many cases, online reviews written by strangers are seen as at least as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

The caveat is that you need a depth of reviews and they need to look and feel real. Don’t pay some shady company to flood your site or industry review sites with fake content, or you risk losing any value from any honest glowing reviews you have.

13. Follow Up Every Time

No matter where a lead is at in your funnel, follow up after every touch point. Plus, follow up after you’ve made the sale too.

If you keep delivering relevant, useful content and showcase how your company adds value or makes their life easier, you keep increasing the likelihood of a sale and increasing the total customer lifetime value.

One thing to note is that you need properly segmented lists so you’re not hitting existing customers with new prospect language, even if you’re sharing the same content.

14. Give Your Time Freely

First mentioned way back up at the top, we always recommend providing leads with a free consultation. It allows you to make your case and discuss the needs of each person, without giving away the store.

Limiting it to about 30 minutes stays respectful of everyone’s time and means you can talk high-level concerns but not offer granular solutions.

Build trust and credibility, then follow-up with your pitch during the next conversation.

15. Blend Automation and Humanity

One overarching theme that needs to be present in all this work is that it must be personalize and feel like there’s a real human on the other end of each email, tweet, phone call, and interaction.

Automating the process is fine, but if rogue emails fly out addressing {First.Name} instead of their actual first name, the jig is up. They know that you’re just after a sale and that you’re not taking time to understand their business or problems.

Automating helpful messaging can make your life a lot easier, but never forget that you still need to do research and make an effort so every lead feels warm.


Behind The Scenes With Clate Mask and Inc. 500 (Reaction)

“Feast on positivity, cause you’re going to get pounded with negativity every step of the way while you build your business.” is one standout quote from Inc.’s recent interview with Infusionsoft CEO, Clate Mask.

The interview is part of Inc.’s Seriously Amazing Entrepreneurs series, and also ties in with the 15th anniversary of Infusionsoft’s launch.

While a title like Seriously Amazing Entrepreneurs could seem like a cliche’ or throw-away term to some, it’s pretty fitting for Clate and his work.

Infusionsoft has genuinely set the bar and created an entire ecosystem for automation, customer relations and email marketing.

There are many current email programs, automation tools and best-practices guides that owe their entire philosophy to what Clate and Infusionsoft have created. This wasn’t plagiarism or idea stealing; instead, it’s because Infusionsoft popularized a lot of what we consider “best practices” in marketing today.

Throughout Inc.’s interview, Clate gives eye-opening insight on the growing pains that Infusionsoft experienced during its first three years:

“For the first three years failure just meant we weren’t going to successfully create a business for ourselves and provide our own incomes… we had to make a pretty huge adjustment to our business model, which caused our (customer) churn to shoot through the roof and our business model to go out of whack. We got close to running out of money and losing the company.”

He also touched on more recent struggles:
“Several years ago, we made the decision to change our cost structure, we had to let go a chunk of employees or we were not going to make it, it came at a hard time, when we were struggling as a company, but we had to makes changes.”

When reading Clate and Inc.’s interview, you’ll find plenty of wisdom centered around Infusionsoft, but we bet you can apply it to  your company, life or even your daily routine.

However, it’s not all Infusionsoft based, there’s lots of great insight on personal development and general entrepreneurship. Improving yourself and your brand are strongly tied together .

More of our favorite quotes are below, and you can read the entire article right here.

And if you want hands-on help on your next Infusionsoft campaign, check us out at:

On advice for entrepreneurs

“My biggest advice for entrepreneurs is to master the ‘game between your ears’, and that comes down to eating positivity for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

When asked if he ever wanted to give up

“No. Never thought of that. Honest truth. I love what we do and have an undying belief that we’ll be successful. That belief is far stronger than the challenges and threats that we face.”

On timing and vision

“In the first few years, we had no intention of InfusionSoft becoming so big. It took about 5-6 years to develop a vision. We’re just scratching the surface and we have very big ambitions.”

10 Slick Infusionsoft Tools You Need Right Now

10 slick Infusionsoft tools you need now!

10 Infusionsoft tools 7 Figure Automation recommends for you

10 Slick Infusionsoft Tools You Need Right Now

You already know Infusionsoft is a great tool for your business.

Right out of the box it can do some pretty amazing things for you, your automation and customer satisfaction. What you may not know is that they have various third party apps that make it even more efficient (and profitable).

To get further than the good (but basic) functions of Infusionsoft and to start generating some serious ROI, you have to look into some non-native functionality.

That’s where third party developers come in.

Another thing to note is that these aren’t some non-native hacks, these are integrated applications that partner with Infusionsoft to ensure customizability to your needs.

Check out the Infusionsoft Marketplace! You’ll see many apps that work really, really well. However, there are others that.. Well, kind of miss the mark.

So how do we know which ones are great and which ones are duds?

We at 7 Figure Automations work with clients to ensure they’re optimizing Infusionsoft to the MAX. That being said, we’ve utilized various apps, tools and other tricks to ensure our clients have the proper ROI that they deserve, (and need) to continue performing.

Want to know the best part?

We’ve already compiled a list of the top 10 Infusionsoft tools you need immediately…

1) PlusThis

PlusThis Infusionsoft image

PlusThis GoToWebinar Connections Feature

PlusThis offers features that are true to it’s name, it allows you to combine Infusionsoft with other services. Playing off of their name, PlusThis gives you Infusionsoft plus Facebook ads, Infusionsoft plus SMS marketing, and Infusionsoft plus hundreds of other features!

They focus on certain analytical tools such as split testing add-ons, meeting add-ons such as GoToWebinar integration, an array of Facebook marketing tools and much more.

It’s more than one add-on. It’s a library of add-ons!

If you ever wanted Infusionsoft integrated with anything — a calendar system, email or page triggers, even better automation flows, be sure to check out PlusThis and their massive library of tools.

Check it out now to register for their 14 day free trial, get more productivity and enjoy unique technology that will boost your marketing results.

2) Spiffy

Spiffy Infusionsoft image

Spiffy Billing Information

Over 50% of all online purchases are made on a mobile device. Similarly, over 69% of email consumption is done on a mobile device or tablet.

However, Infusionsoft’s order forms are not mobile compatible out of the box and they’re pretty difficult to use if you don’t know coding.

That’s where Spiffy comes in.  

Spiffy ensures that your Infusionsoft order forms are easy to build and optimized for mobile use.

Their product works on existing forms, or you can create new ones directly on Spiffy. Their forms are also responsive, to ensure they work well on all devices, tablets or even desktop.

It’s one of the simplest tools on this list, but arguably the most essential.

3) AppointmentCore

Image of Marks AppointmentCore

Marks AppointmentCore

Infusionsoft, is by all accounts a sales tool. However, you need to get away from the impersonal setting of an email, and get potential clients on the phone, right?

AppointmentCore does just that.

You can integrate Infusionsoft with GoToMeeting, Google Calendar and Conference Calling to automatically set up online conference meetings.

Once you get a client you can share your availability through AppointmentCore, which are then coordinated further with Infusionsoft to ensure organization on all ends.

Your assistant’s job just got a whole lot easier (you do have an assistant, right?)

This is a really affordable tool, especially for those with small to mid-sized lists. They also have begun offering packages for certain industries such as health and fitness.

4) Graphly

Image of Graphly Infusionsoft

Graphly Dashboard

Graphly is an incredible tracking and reporting tool that integrates perfectly with Infusionsoft.

It allows you to keep track of your campaigns, as well as share them easily with the team. It was actually voted the #1 Infusionsoft reporting tool by Infusionsoft’s founders.

It includes pre-built reports that can show you the best time of day for email opens/clicks, the average number of days prospects spend in your sales pipeline, and your average revenue per customer.

Plans start at just $19/month and you also get a two week free trial to ensure it’s functional for your needs.

5) Fix Your Funnel

Fix Your Funnel Infusionsoft

Text message

Fix Your Funnel is a suite of tools that… well, helps you fix your funnel. Similar to the aforementioned, PlusThis, Fix Your Funnel gives you a wide array of tools. However, it’s a bit different than PlusThis because their tools focuses largely on optimizing your funnel.

Their features and add-ons include:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Inbound Call Tracking
  • One-Click Upsells
  • Funnel Bots
  • Integrated Dialing Services
  • And much more

Check them out to see if any of these features work for your needs.

6) SyncSumo

SyncSumo Infusionsoft

SyncSumo Dashboard

Infusionsoft is a great automation tool, but SyncSumo can transform it into a lead generation tool that goes above and beyond the Infusionsoft walls.

SyncSumo utilizes a Facebook API so that your email list helps you generate more targeted leads.

Do you want your email list to see your Facebook ads? Or even utilize ads for new leads?

Simply connect Syncsumo to your Facebook, alongside Infusionsoft and these features are all available at your fingertips.

7) Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels Infusionsoft

ClickFunnels Demo

Want to quickly and easily create custom landing pages?

With ClickFunnels drag-and-drop landing page builder you can build your funnels with the click of a button. And the result is a polished-looking page that can attract visitors and convert them into your Infusionsoft email list.

In addition, there’s many more tools that can help you get better results:

  • A WordPress plugin that allows you to host the pages on your site
  • Split Testing software that gives you the insights you need to run a better business
  • Pre-built funnels
  • And much more

And of course, this all integrates with the Infusionsoft platform.

8) QuickBooks Online Connect by Workato

QuickBooks Infusionsoft

QuickBooks Workato

Are you manually entering transactions from Infusionsoft into QuickBooks? Or spending time keeping CRM and accounting data in sync?

QuickBooks Online Connect gives you the power to connect and sync your customers, transactions and subscriptions into QuickBooks.

Save up to 10 hours each week and focus on your revenue producing activities. No more end-of-month or last minute tax season misery in reconciling your accounts.

9) Memberium

Memberium Infusionsoft

Memberium create your campaign in Infusionsoft

How would you like to have a membership site that’s generating recurring revenue for your business?
That’s where Memberium comes in.

Integrate Infusionsoft with your WordPress membership site and use Infusionsoft’s advanced features within WordPress (actions and action sets, triggers, campaign builder, affiliates, etc).

With their Advanced Shortcodes that let you run Infusisonsoft actions in WordPress such as one-click upsells, list conatact or affiliate info, list custom field data, run action sets and much more.

Building powerful, automated membership sites with WordPress and Infusionsoft has never been this easy.

10) Zapier

Infusionsoft Zapier

Zapier Zap Setup

Zapier is a great tool, because it “Infusionsofts” things that don’t normally “Infusionsoft”. In other words, it automates tools that you didn’t know could be automated.

For instance, if you get a file sent in an email, you can trigger Dropbox to automatically save the file, and then trigger a message to your Slack team, informing them that there’s a new file in Dropbox.

As you can expect, you can start integrating this into Infusionsoft, too. So, when a user replies to a certain email, it automatically triggers a Google or other calendar invite. Or, maybe even when a certain customer responds to an email, it sets up a task for your team in Trello.

There’s plenty of ways to integrate Zapier with your Infusionsoft campaign, as it pairs with over 500 apps!

These are just 10 tools that we enjoy, however there’s hundreds out there waiting to make your life easier. Speaking of making your life easier, if you need any assistance in your Infusionsoft campaign, check us out at: http:/


Why You Should Switch To Infusionsoft

Our goal is to destroy the myth that Infusionsoft is difficult or confusing.

Some people even jokingly refer to the software as “Confusionsoft”. Infusionsoft is a very in-depth tool, but it’s not as complicated as you think.

We’ve had the pleasure of consulting several hundred infusionsoft users the past year and the most common problem we see is that user don’t have documented systems.

It’s the same thing with Facebook Marketing or running your business: problems are complex and things are constantly changing. So unless you have a documented system or step-by-step checklist on what to do, you’re going to get overwhelmed and frustrated.

For those of you completely new to Infusionsoft, let’s start with some key points.

Infusionsoft is an enterprise-level marketing automation system that uses Customer Resource Management (CRM), email marketing automation, and ecommerce to help you create unstoppable business growth.

So if you need that keep reading.
When logging in, you’ll see that it’s three main “categories” are CRM, Marketing and E-Commerce. In the above video we go through each category, while discussing its benefits and best practices.

Image of the Infusionsoft Dashboard

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Dashboard.


Customer Resource Manager (CRM)

This component is the place where you dive into features that revolve around your customers. It includes important organizational tools for maintaining client relationships.

Here are the features we’re going to discuss in the CRM component:

  1. Notes
  2. Tasks
  3. Appointments
  4. Emails
  5. Quotes & Orders
  6. Tags
  7. Form Submissions
  8. Sequences
  9. Opportunities
  10. Scored & Recent Activity

Infusionsoft’s CRM is important because it gives you the data needed to discover the 20% of your email list that are generating 80% of your activity and revenue.


Image of Infusionsoft Notes

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Notes.

Notes allow you and your team to keep track of progress on your leads and customers.

You can manually enter notes or you can create a note template that to quickly add notes with a drop-down menu of note options.

I recommend note templates if you’re leaving the same notes all the time because they save a lot of time. Example: “left voicemail”.


Image of an Infusionsoft Tasks

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Tasks.

Tasks create email and pop-up reminders for future actions.

Simply choose the task title, due date, type, priority level, and add a description if needed.

The best part of tasks is you can assign them to other team members and even set them up to trigger automatically after specific actions in your campaign. More on that in just a bit.


Image of Infusionsoft Appointments

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Appointments.

Appointments show you future and past appointments (if you integrate your calendar).

If you consultant, coach, or service provider I recommend a powerful service called AppointmentCore for integrating your Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

With AppointmentCore you can send appointment booking links to leads and clients that show your calendar’s availability and let them book on their own. So your assistant’s job just got a whole lot easier.

The best part is that you can automatically trigger email follow-up inside Infusionsoft, online meetings with GoToMeeting, or conference calls with ConferenceCalling.


Image of Infusionsoft Emails

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Emails.

Emails allows you to see the list of emails that a particular lead has received.

You can see the date sent, whether it was opened or not, subject line and the user that sent the email.

You could send emails from here if you needed to, but that’s not what this feature is for. It’s simply a tool to give you a snapshot of your lead’s level of engagement.

5. Quotes & Orders

Image of Infusionsoft Quotes And Orders

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Quotes And Orders.

Quotes & Orders is by far my favorite CRM tool (for obvious reasons). It shows the recent quotes (which are linked to your products) and orders that are attached to your contact.

If you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider this feature will give your entire team access to the contact’s financial responsibility to your organization.


Image of Infusionsoft Tags

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Tags.

Tags are one of the most important features of the Infusionsoft CRM.

Segmenting leads and customers with tags is critical because it gives you a view of the important trends in your business’s sales and marketing activity.

When you know what IS and IS NOT working you can change your approach for future campaigns. Plus, tags can trigger email campaign automation. Example: you can automatically import all leads that are tagged with “Facebook” into your Facebook marketing campaign.

Tags contacts based on the traffic source, topic of interest, or the product they purchased. In fact, you can auto assign tags randomly and create your own email split tests.

The possibilities are endless.

7.Form Submissions

Image of Infusionsoft Form Submissions

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Form Submissions

If your contact joined your email list through your website, Form Submissions will show you where.

Whether you’re collecting leads through website traffic or leads at a tradeshow, Form Submissions can be an easy way to get leads on your list and identify where they came from.


Image of Infusionsoft Sequences

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Sequences

Sequences show the active campaigns that your contact is in and the past campaigns they’ve completed.

The nice thing about this feature is you can start or stop campaign sequences right from your contact record.

9. Opportunities

Image of Infusionsoft Opportunities

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Opportunities.

Opportunities are the ULTIMATE tool for coaches, consultants, and service managing a sales pipeline.

You can customize your pipeline stages, segment each stage into an organized list, and avoid letting any sales opportunities fall through the cracks.

Image of Infusionsoft Pipeline Stages

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Pipeline Stages.

My favorite part about Opportunities is that I can trigger email automation when I move prospects from one stage to another. This has save my team thousands of hours of work in the long run.

10. Scored & Recent Activity

Image of Infusionsoft Scored And Recent Activity

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Scored And Recent Activity.

Scored & Recent Activity shows you how active your contact is.

The Scored Activity shows the activity and points generated from certain types of activity (email opens, link clicks, product purchases, etc). This activity is represented in flames on your contact record (1-5).

This scoring system can be customized to your preference and can trigger automation based on the score.



The marketing component is really where all the nuts and bolts come together to run campaigns and start your automation process.

1. Campaign Builder

Image of Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.

The Campaign Builder is the heart and soul of the Infusionsoft system.

It’s the “secret sauce” that puts it head and shoulders above all other marketing automation programs.

In our Infusionsoft Demo Video, we give you a walkthrough of setting up a campaign. You start with a digital piece of graph paper, which allows you to drag and drop the elements in your campaign.

Your campaign starts with a goal. The goal could be a Form Submission on your website, a Tag, an Opportunity stage, a Scored Activity, or a custom API integration.

Here are the features we’re going to discuss in the Campaign Builder:

  1. Goals
  2. Sequences
    1. Emails
    2. Delay Timers
    3. Voice Messages
    4. Faxes
    5. Letters
    6. Apply/Remove Tags
    7. Apply Note
    8. Create Task
    9. Create Appointment
    10. Assign an Owner
    11. Fulfillment List
    12. Send HTTP Post
    13. Action Set (Legacy)
  3. Email Confirmation
  4. Notes

Image of Infusionsoft Goals Icon

  1. Goals

Goals are the actions that begin your campaign automation.

The following goals can trigger the start of a campaign for your contact:

  • Submitting a Web Form
  • Submitting a Landing Page form
  • Clicking a Link
  • Reaching a Score
  • Purchasing a product
  • Completing a task
  • Moving an Opportunity stage
  • Applying a Note
  • Applying a Tag
  • Submitting a GroSocial form
  • Submitting a Twitter lead gen card
  • Custom API call

Not only can these goals be used to start your campaign. They can also be used as goals in the middle of your campaign as well. Example: your contact starts his campaign by completing a Web Form on your website and is taken out of the campaign as soon as he completes a purchase goal.

Image of Infusionsoft Sequences Icon

  1. Sequences

Sequences are where your contacts spend the majority of their time. The contain the automated emails, delay timers, CRM process elements and other communications. 

  • Image of Infusionsoft Emails IconEmails – are the email content that’s preloaded in your email autoresponder
  • Image of Infusionsoft Delay Timer IconDelay Timers – are the elements that determine the date and time to push contacts to the next step in your sequence
  • Image of Infusionsoft Voice Message IconVoice Message – is the element that allows you to send recordings for a live person or recordings for a voicemail (costs apply)
  • Image of Infusionsoft Fax IconFax – is the element that allows you to go old school and send a fax (costs apply)
  • Image of Infusionsoft Letter IconLetter – is the element that allows you to mail letters to contacts for a more personal touch
  • Image of Infusionsoft Apply/Remove tags IconApply/Remove tags – is the element that applies/removes tags on your contact’s record in order to segment them on your list and provide useful data
  • Image of Infusionsoft Applying notes IconApply Note – is the element that applies a note template to your contact record
  • Image of Infusionsoft Creating Tasks IconCreate Task – creates a pre-selected task and notifies the stakeholder
  • Image of Infusionsoft creating Appointments IconCreate Appointment – creates an appointment on your Infusionsoft calendar
  • Image of Infusionsoft Setting an Owner IconAssign an Owner – Assigns a person on your team as the owner of the contact
  • Image of Infusionsoft Fulfillment List IconFulfillment List – is a spreadsheet that collects contact information, attachments, and can be sent to a third party fulfillment company
  • Image of Infusionsoft Send HTTP Post IconSend HTTP Post – is used to send information from Infusionsoft to a web page that runs a script (example: ASP, PHP, Javascript) which extracts data from the URL and processes it on your web server
  • Image of Infusionsoft Action Set (Legacy) IconAction Set (Legacy) – can be used to create an order action as part of a one-click upsell or to make a renewal order process more efficient

2. Email Broadcasts

Image of Infusionsoft Email Broadcast

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Email Broadcast.

The Email Broadcast tool allows you to schedule and send email broadcasts in real time.

It is particularly useful if you send a weekly blog or newsletter.

The Infusionsoft Email Builder perfect for non-techy people. It allows you to drag and drop the elements of your email broadcast for a clean and simple design that will wow your audience.

You’re able to customize imagery, text and much more to showcase your brand.



This is the component that most other email autoresponder systems don’t give you. So it’s understandable why it costs a little more.
The e-commerce component is what ties the CRM and marketing components of Infusionsoft together to help you monetize your email list.

Quite often people think of Infusionsoft as just an email autoresponder. But as you’ve seen it’s much more than that.

The e-commerce functionality allows you to create shopping carts and order forms to sell your products and services.

We’ve included some products for reference in our video and we’ll be discussing how you can utilize Infusionsoft for best e-commerce practices.

1. Products

Image of Infusionsoft Products

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of Infusionsoft Products.

Very simply put, you have the option to include and update a variety of products through the e-commerce feature.

Infusionsoft and sell and fulfill physical products, info products, and subscription services. All of which can be categorized neatly into a product line.

Every product has a quick and easy drop-down that allows you to customize your product information for easy marketing and automation.

2. Order forms

Image of Custom Tees Order Form

Mark Marcelletti shows you an example of an Order Form from Custom Tees

Order forms create a shopping cart for your products/services and collect billing info.

The order forms are rather basic looking, but you can easily customize order forms Spiffy, an easy-to-use and low cost order form customizer.


Although Infusionsoft is often thought of as a confusing email marketing software, it is anything but that.

If you’re only planning on using it for managing your email list and sending email broadcasts, it’s probably not the right fit for you.

However, if you’re planning on building a massive email list, managing leads/customers effectively, personalizing your marketing automation, and monetizing your list – you’re definitely the right fit.

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