How to Create Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads

YouTube is no doubt the world’s most popular video marketing platform.

If you are serious about leaving no stones unturned in your marketing, you’ve got to take a shot at every opportunity that comes your way.

Facebook video Ads are a new but powerful tool that you can use to reach out to your prospects in an engaging way.

Statistics suggest that Facebook video Ads are catching up (if not already outdoing) YouTube video ads, when it comes to the total number of monthly views on both mobile and desktop.

Smart entrepreneurs and marketers take advantage of this new trend to get more results for their marketing. There’s no dispute video ads work better than any other form of advertisement…

Especially if you know how to create killer video ads.

This guide equips you with the skills you need to make the best out of Facebook video ads. Keep reading…


First things first…have it in mind that the key goal of your Facebook video Ads campaign is to increase audience reach and engagement

And lift your brand.

Get started by planning your video creation.. Have a plan in advance to increase the probability that you’ll come out looking good.

  • What do you want to create a video about?
  • What’s you main takeaway?
  • What theme do you want your message to convey to your audience?
  • What is your Call To Action?

Half the work will be done once you can answer all these questions.

The next step is to write a script.

Simply write down what you want to say, bearing in mind how you’re going to say it, and what text or graphics you’re going to need to accompany it. Shorter is better. If you can’t work your way around a solid script, consider hiring a freelancer to do it for you on Upwork or


Facebook makes it easy and possible for you to create video advertising campaigns. Simply login to your advertising manager and click on Create Ad from the top right corner of your screen.

In the screen that appears, click Get Video Views. Select which page you want to promote with your Video Ads. Set up the campaign name and select your target demographics.

Get video views

Facebook’s hyper-surgical targeting features make this super easy for you. You can narrow down your audience based on custom audiences, locations, age, gender, language, interests or behaviors.

Audience Definition

After your campaign has been successfully set up, it’s time to include some textual description and call to action for your Facebook video ad.

The Text field gives you an opportunity to write something compelling about what you’re promoting. Also, select a call to action that will be visible to customers when they’re watching the video.


You can create Facebook video Ads using the Power Editor.

This is however a somewhat more complex route…but the best option if you’re looking to create different variations of your video ad for split testing purposes.

Login to your Facebook Ad Manager and select the Power Editor menu option. Download your Advertising account data into the Power Editor tool. You’ll be able to sort your data by campaign, then create a new campaign altogether.

In the Create Campaign screen, enter the name of your new campaign, select buying type and then choose Video Views from the Objective drop down field. Switch to the ad set view in the next dialog and then create a new ad set for your video ads. Ad sets are groups of ads that target a particular group of people. The more you segment your ad sets, the easier it’s going to be for you to analyze the target level results of your campaign.

Once you have set up your ad set, switch from campaign view to the ad set view in Power Editor’s vertical menu. Pick the ad set you created above and then select the Ads tab at the top area of your screen. You’ll be able to create a new ad from the screen that shows.

Select the page you intend to promote, enter compelling text telling people what you’re promoting, then upload your video. You’ll also specify a call to action in this last step.


Here are five easy strategies to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Video Ads:

  • Use the 3-second Rule – Facebook recently introduced the autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos and then stops immediately people scroll past it. What does this imply?
    You just have 3 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.
    So make sure that your video’s start is compelling and attention grabbing.
    It’s also important to note that Facebook defines a Video View as a view extending for three seconds or more. Thus, your first 3 seconds make great sense from a metric standpoint.
  • Keep it quiet – Facebook’s autoplay feature is designed to make each video play without a sound as people scroll down their feed. This means that your business should focus on the visual message. Focus on making what users see during those first 3 seconds as engaging as possible, without relying on sound.
  • Flexibility counts – Facebook’s hyper targeting features give you a lot of credibility – use it! Try out specific segments and see what works for you. If one of the Facebook video ads that you had high hopes in isn’t performing, drop it and create a better one.
  • Make it real – the best-performing Facebook video ads tend to focus on user engagement and the story, as opposed to explicit sales gimmicks. Focus on cultivating that unique experience that will make users click right off the bat.
  • Customer comes first – Facebook’s power targeting lets you reach out to the right people with a message that’s fine-tuned to their needs and motivations. Make sure that your video ads stay true to your customers. Your message should resonate with the situation your audience is currently facing.


Once your video ads are up and running, you’ll want to step back and look at how things are going? Think about your KPIs.

  • How many conversions have you got since you started running these video ads?
  • Did you have a bounce rate problem?
  • How many shares, likes, comments and other marks of engagement did you get?
  • Did your Facebook video ads reach out to as many people as you wanted?

Asking these questions helps you improve your campaign so that you get better results.

Drop what doesn’t work, focus on what works. Make your ads better with each iteration!


Facebook video marketing harbors a lot of potential for your business. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not making use of Facebook video ads to boost your brand and products!

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How to Create Facebook Video Ads