How To Generate Free Leads And Create A Profitable YouTube Channel

How To Generate Free Leads And Create A Profitable YouTube Channel

Video marketing is the most successfully used marketing tool today. And YouTube is WITHOUT a doubt the most robust video marketing resource. It’s currently the second most used search engine in the world (behind Google).

There are a dozens things you can do for your business on YouTube, such as present your products, introduce your team, highlight your mission, and many more.

If you know how to press the right buttons, YouTube can be a surefire way to fuel the success of your business.

Just imagine what your company would be like if you had thousands of leads joining your email list from YouTube automatically!

Sure the BBC (Big Business Club) has lots of money to dump into marketing…but your small business is looking for creative, low-budget options to find valuable leads.

IN FACT, this post is for you if you’re looking to multiply your video marketing success on YouTube…

So if that’s you read on.

    1) Create Your Channel

YouTube 1 Channel

It takes less time to create your YouTube channel than it does to make breakfast in the morning.

But you’ll need some more time to polish it up!

By default, your channel’s landing page will appear simple. So, take advantage of the features YouTube provides to optimize your viewers’ experience.

Your goal is to get as many free leads as possible from YouTube…so make your channel content so good that you could charge for it.

A channel trailer is a great way to hook your prospects. You’ll want to make it attention grabbing, 1-2 minutes in length, and focused on your business’s Unique Selling Proposition…

BUT a trailer is not a must-have, so don’t get a headache if you don’t already have one.

Branding is also an important way to make your YouTube channel great. Consider customizing your background.

You also want to showcase your social profiles, and create a custom header. Unless you’re an NGO, this will come at a cost, but it is a cool way to add appeal to your channel.

A few great resources for getting YouTube channel art made are Fiverr, 99designs, or Canva if you want to do it yourself.

Checkout Derral Eves YouTube channel setup below:

YouTube 2 Channel Art

    2) Boost Traffic With YouTube Keyword Research

The Chinese say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

When it comes to YouTube marketing, keyword research isn’t just the first step…it’s an important one that can help you take a serious shortcut to success.

If you don’t put the hard work in now to discover which prospects will be most responsive to your marketing efforts, you’ll end up spending more money to acquire leads and going over budget.

Here at 7 Figure Automation we use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to generate a list of popular keywords.

YouTube 2 Keyword PlannerGenerate a list of words and key phrases that your targeted prospects are likely to use to find your content. For instance, if you’re in the juicing niche, you might come up with a list like this:

  • Vegetable juicing
  • How to juice a lemon
  • How to juice cleanse
  • How to Juice for Health
  • How do I Juice Vegetables

Next, remove the ‘how to’ and other words that aren’t directly associated with the ‘keyword’.

  • How to juice a lemon
  • How to juice cleanse
  • How to Juice for Health
  • How do I Juice Vegetables

YouTube 3 Keyword Search

Then use the keyword planner results to find more search terms out of each of these keywords.

YouTube 4 Search Recommendations

To see an expert in action, checkout how uses this keyword research to create highly ranking videos in the Basketball niche.

    3) YouTube Video Content Rules of Engagement

Once you’ve created a list of solid keywords, the next step is to create your video content.

It’s very important that you focus on just ONE specific need in each video.

Whether you’re using screen-recording tools like Camtasia and Screenflow, or actually filming yourself – the videos you create must be ULTRA SPECIFIC.

Before 2014, YouTube ranked videos that simply had a lot of views over a short period of time at the top.

But as their algorithm has become more complex, the emphasis is now on quality and engagement.

Ranking priority is given based on ‘watch’ time…

So, as long as you’re creating valuable, engaging, ultra specific video content that people watch all the way through, you have a shot at the top spot.

Make your videos as long as they need to be to offer value to viewers without losing their attention during the video. And keep in mind that shorter videos perform better than long ones.

But don’t get ahead of yourself with video editing. Some of the best YouTube videos were actually shot on a smartphone!

Simply take massive imperfect-action, put a result out there, and let the market tell you what adjustments to make.

To keep viewers coming in and score free leads with YouTube, you need to cultivate consistency.

If you decide to publish a video every week, make sure you do so. If it’s 4 videos per week, keep it up.

Find a schedule that’s realistic you can stick to.

    4) Use Simple YouTube SEO Strategies To Boost Traffic

Before you get overwhelmed by the technical jargon let me break it down…

Your primary goal is to score free leads with YouTube. This can only happen when you’re publishing content consistently and getting lots of traffic and views.

Remember the keyword research we did earlier?

Well, this is your chance to use it to make sure you’re putting the right message in front of the right people.

It’s that little bit of extra work that’s going to give you the edge over your competition….because optimization is key.

Optimize Video Metadata

Metadata are the descriptions you enter about your video to help YouTube’s search engine understand your video’s subject.

This includes the title, description and tags. Optimizing your metadata helps rank your Video both on YouTube and Google.

YouTube 5 Meta Deta

  • Optimize the Title – ideally, your Title should be descriptive, short and to the point. The title carries a lot of weight. Make it natural and clean, but don’t just overdo it with keywords.

         The YouTube keyword suggestion tool is a great way to find good ideas for your video title.

This tool gives you an estimation of how much traffic a key phrase is likely to have, so take advantage of this.

And make sure to choose ‘exact match’ when using this tool.

Pick a title that lets the viewer know that the video addresses their needs!

  • Optimize the Description – write a lengthy description of what the video content is all about.

Always include a relevant URL to your website at the beginning of your description. You want viewers to find corresponding info from your video on the company’s site. After the URL, bring in your most significant keywords within the first couple of sentences.

Aim at least 250 words long video description using the right keywords for the title and the video.

  • Optimize the Tags – Most YouTube marketers don’t use tags the right way. Just promptly inserting 3 or so tags won’t be ideal. Include 10-20 tags per video, using relevant keywords (words or phrases).

Think about what phrases or words users might use to find such a video. In this case, it helps to pay your keyword list another visit.

You have seen a lot of repetition in the last few paragraphs, but I want to make the word ‘optimize’ to stick with you.

Optimizing your Video title, description and tags helps YouTube and Google’s algorithm find your content for what it is.

For more experts in action, checkout KissMetric’s Post on how various companies have optimized their YouTube video channels for better results.

    5) Boost Engagement With YouTube Playlists

YouTube 6 Playlists

Playlists are a descriptive feature that allows you to organize your videos into groups based on a topic of your choice.

This is a great way to group similar videos together – making your channel better organized and more meaningful.

A viewer is more likely to watch a video of the same topic right after, so playlists help increase traffic from related videos.

Create keyword focused titles for your playlists. Provide a correct description for the playlist. You can insert as many as 5000 words for the description, but you really don’t need it that long.

    6) Boost Leads With YouTube Cards

YouTube 7 Annotations

YouTube cards allow you to add strategic Call-To-Action links to your videos.

These cards convert viewers into leads by taking them to your Landing Page where they can opt-in to email list.

Visit the video page you have uploaded, and click on the cards button under the video

Put your call to action here – ask viewers to subscribe to your channel for free training, join a list to get a free gift, or comment on your videos for expert courses and free premium resources!

YouTube cards are like clickable display advertisements.

You can use them to generate leads, get more social followers and direct people to your website (you’ll need to add an associated website through your “Creative Studio” to enable this).

More card tips:

  • Show cards only in the first 10% and the last 10% of the video!
  • Only use one card at a time. Don’t tell people to do many things at once!

    7) Top 3 YouTube Marketing Mistakes

Here’s a simple lists of things you shouldn’t do with your Channel…

  • Don’t bombard viewers with all of your content. Most likely, not all of it will be interesting to them. Make a point to only showcase the best about your business on your channel.
  • Don’t shuffle consumer content with corporate content. Use playlists to make groups of related videos.
  • Don’t order your videos by popularity. Focus on pushing the kind of content that’s currently most relevant to your business. Relevance is more important than popularity.

Start applying these tips to INSTANTLY boost your YouTube marketing results.

And make sure to focus each video on one specific topic.

If your content is well researched, relevant and succinct it will go a long way to earning engagement from your viewers.

Aim to create valuable video content and stick to a consistent schedule. It will go a long way to creating a profitable community on YouTube.

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How To Generate Free Leads And Create A Profitable YouTube Channel