The Perfect Email Template For Digital Marketers

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Let’s face it. Email has been and will continue to be the most effective way to generate revenue. Whether it’s following up with a prospect, emailing customers about a new sale, or just giving away free content – email marketing is the modality that the world’s most profitable companies are using.

Here are some stats for online advertising ROI:

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(Mark The Marketer, February 2014)

Have you ever heard this one before? “The money’s in the list.” That’s because email marketing is the easiest way to nurture prospects into loyal customers.

In general, there are 3 types of emails you’ll be sending to your list:

  • The Welcome Email: Thank your prospect for subscribing; tell them what your business is all about and what they can expect from you. It’s very important that you “humanize” your communication by introducing yourself before you start talking about business.
  • The Value Offer Email: A link to your blog post, another lead magnet, or valuable content. The important thing to do here is give value without asking for anything.
  • The Value Promo Email: Promo emails include new products/services, flash sales, online or in person trainings, etc. Provided that you’ve qualified well throughout the process, the sale should be a natural next step.

Each one of these emails can and should be a different length. Email length factors on your audience: their unique interests, habits, and demographics. Determine this by recording which of your “strategic links” are clicked most often. More on that in just a bit.

The Perfect Email Template For Digital Marketers is a proven, step-by-step system for creating emails that get opened, get read, and get click-throughs.


the perfect email template


The 9 components of The Perfect Email:

1. An Attention-Getting And Intriguing Subject Line

Your subject line sells the open. You need to spend as much time crafting your subject line as you do writing your email. After all, if your email doesn’t get opened, it does you no good.

2. A Benefit-Driven First Sentence

The first sentence is considered “the second subject” line because it appears in your readers email feed along with your subject line. It can also be used to get your email opened. Just make sure to remove the “Email not displaying correctly?” link at the top of most email marketing templates – otherwise that will appear instead.

3. An Outstanding Image That Matches Your Content

It’s no secret that images are more engaging. They boost content reading time and communicate your message in a way words cannot. Using an image that matches your content can get readers to use their imagination and emotionally engage with your content.

4. A Brief Explanation Of What Your Content Is About

Your explanation should be no more than 3 sentences. Make sure to tell them where they can read your content and why it benefits them. This explanation is usually where your curiosity link is placed.

5. A Curiosity Link

The curiosity link is the first of 3 links – each designed to sell the click. This link is embedded in your Outstanding Image and/or your Brief Explanation. It’s there for people with short attention spans that want to see what your email is about.

6. Content Features List

This is a VERY important part of your email. Most people are busy, so they’ll be scanning your email for quick clues about it’s importance. This is where you list the BEST features of your content.

7. Direct Benefit Link

The benefit link is the second of 3. It’s embedded right after your Content Features List. If they’re interested in the benefits of your content then the logical next step is to click this link.

8. Create Scarcity

Creating Scarcity and/or telling your reader why they need to take action is ESSENTIAL. People are about 10x more likely to take action to avoid pain then they are to pursue pleasure. Consider the long-term effects of not taking action on your content.

9. Scarcity Link

The third and final link is your scarcity link. As mentioned before, scarcity is a VERY powerful motivator. But you should use it ethically and intelligently.

10. Email Width Should Be Under 600 Pixels

This ensures your readers get the most appealing reading experience. In the book Brainfluence, Roger Dooley explains that emails under 600 pixels appear less intimidating and are easier to digest.

Employ the components of The Perfect Email Template For Digital Marketers and watch your email stats explode! Having an outline to follow will reduce the amount of time it takes to both create your emails and get exceptional results.

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The Perfect Email Template For Digital Marketers