The Perfect Sales Page Template For Digital Marketers

You need it to engage your prospects. It either helps you get the sale or lose your reader forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, a brick and mortar store, or a digital agency – sales pages are essential for you to sell online.

But not all sales pages are created equal. There’s a sequence that guarantees you’ll consistently convert readers into customers. I call this sequence “The Perfect Sales Page Template For Digital Marketers”. Not only will it give you a roadmap for creating effective sales pages – it’s applicable just about everywhere.
Perfect Sales Page Template - New Page

1. Attention-Getting Intro

Your attention-getting intro is by far the most important part. You want to engage your reader right from the start and tell your prospect why they should keep reading. Make a big promise, provide something of value, or create scarcity.

2. Your Prospect’s Problem

This is where your research meets your copy. You want to create a selling environment by telling a story or illustrating the big problem that’s troubling the market WITHOUT giving a solution. The fact that you’re “opening a loop” with spark curiosity in your reader because they’ll want to keep reading to find the answer.

3. Why This Is Different

If you’ve done a good job getting your prospect’s attention and defining their problem their next question will, “Who are you and how are you qualified to help me?” This section is where you want to establish credibility and relate to your prospect. Prospects only buy from people they like and trust.

4. Solve Their Problem

Show your prospect what you’re going to do to solve their problem. Use real world examples. Case studies, market research, and testimonials are all proof that your prospect can be successful with your product or service. But there’s more.

5. Unique Features Of Your Product

Some of the biggest reasons why people don’t make purchase decisions are “I need to shop around” or “I’ve seen this before”. By positioning your product or service as something different and innovative you establish authority and scarcity.

6. Justify Their Purchase

People make purchase decisions that are based on emotion and backed up by logic. Give your prospect the ownership experience and take them through the transformation. By doing so, you’re creating powerful emotions within your prospect and making them feel confident that you can help them.

7. Show Long Term Value

By now your prospect is hooked. They’re looking for logical reasons to say yes. If possible, show them how your product or service is applicable across other markets, other technologies, or other areas of their life.

8. Give A Service Guarantee

A service guarantee could be your service department’s hours or a 30-day money back guarantee. People are always fearful about making bad decisions. Tell them how you take care of your customers and what they can do if they change their mind.

9. Ask For The Order

As valuable as the preceding steps are – the preceding steps have zero value if you don’t ask for the order. You can ask in big bold letters at the bottom of the page or leave it buried somewhere in the copy. Bonus points for creating scarcity.

Use The Perfect Sales Page Template For Digital Marketers and you’ll dramatically increase your conversions and sales. When it comes to effective selling through copy – connect with your reader and tap into their emotions. This is the way to the promised land.


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