Using Facebook Audience Insights to Engage your Community


Do you know what’s the easiest way to find your target audience and get them to engage with your marketing campaigns?

Facebook Audience Insights.

But you need to know HOW to use it and WHAT to do with the information…

You can deploy the full power of Facebook marketing by collecting intelligence on your fans and prospects!

One of the best things about Facebook Audience Insights is that it’s free to use and can be a generous source of behavioral and demographic data on your audiences and competitors.

You want precision targeting for your business ad campaigns, right?

You have a useful tool right under your nose that can be used to create highly targeted ads that reach out to your specific prospects!

The massive data you get from Facebook Audience Insights can also come in handy when you’re creating a buyer persona for your service or products, or when you want to improve your website content so that it’s right on the bull’s eye.

Keep reading to learn how to better understand your audience and optimize your Facebook marketing results.

Get Started with Facebook Audience Insights

Simply navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard then click on Tools and then click on Audience Insights in the drop-down menu.

The first time you launch Audience Insights, you’ll likely be asked to choose an audience to start with:

  • Everyone on Facebook – this is the general audience. Gives an overview of the entire Facebook (by default U.S. Facebook audience). Go for this option if you’re looking to dig data on competitor pages or broad audiences.
  • People Connected to Your Page – makes it possible for you to access data related to your Facebook page. If you manage multiple Facebook pages, you’ll get an option to choose the page you want to focus on right now. This is the way to go if you’re looking to better understand your audience.
  • A Custom Audience – this is a somewhat complex option for entrepreneurs who’re already using Facebook Custom Audiences. You’d need to upload a list of email addresses to create a Custom Audience. Once done, Facebook compares these emails to respective user accounts to surface the data you’re interested in. If you’re just a beginner, it is recommendable that you forego custom audiences. However, if you have a lot of customer data available, this option gives you a powerful tool to understand behaviors and demographics for the folks who’re already using your brand.

Selecting Specific Facebook Audience Insights Parameters

Once you have selected an audience above, it’s time to zero in onto the details.

Let’s assume that you selected “Everyone on Facebook” above…

You can change the default location (from the U.S.) to any other country of interest. You can even add more than one country if your business focuses on customers from a region of multiple countries…

Leave this field blank to scope on customers from across the world.

Feel free to play with the location setting based on what specifically you’re looking for!

Now that you have narrowed down your audience in terms of location, you can go right ahead to create a segment based on age, interests, gender, people connected to your page or advanced data such as language, behavior, education, work, etc.

We like to think of the Interests option as a massive way to reveal priced information on competitors and the industry in general.

Use this option to narrow down to customers who have already liked a competitor page…

Just type down your Competitor’s Facebook to search for it. There’s no telling whether or not it’ll show up, and it’s hard to figure out what algorithmic logic Facebook uses to determine what page shows up and what doesn’t.

Just have a list of competitor pages and group interests that describe the audience you want to get data on, and then type them into this box.

Once you have set the audience parameters, it’s time to explore your data. Facebook Audience Insights displays information in a series of tabs, each covering a different aspect of the audience data:

  • Demographics
  • Page Likes
  • Location
  • Activity

If you are focusing on the U.S. audience, two additional tabs (Household and Purchases) are also available.

Use Facebook Audience Insights to Optimize your Facebook Page Engagement

Easily use the data you pull from your Facebook Audience Insights dashboard to make your posts more effective and on-target.

The demographics tab provides information including…

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Education level

These are all important details that help you understand your customer better.

Facebook’s graphical presentation approach makes it easy for you to make sense out of all this information. For instance, you can automatically see the percentage of your audience who are women!

#1 Create Personas with Demographic Lifestyle Data
Facebook Audience Insights provides valuable lifestyle data that creates mini-personas based on brand affinity, interests, demographic data and other factors. These personas happen to be quite broad, but they lay the foundation for a clearer picture regarding who your audience is.

They give you a window of opportunity to picture the lives of your audience. To get into their shoes so you can understand their needs and motivations.

This way, it’s easier figuring out what’s in your audience’s mind right now. So you can answer the crucial question ‘How can my business solve their needs or make their lives better?’

A good understanding of your audience personas helps you with framing. Adjust the timeframe of your marketing to coincide with certain important events.

If you are a travel company and knows that most of your audience travels for holiday during a certain month, then you can concentrate your advertising and promotions throughout that month.

#2 Use Page Likes to Measure Interests and Affiliations
At 7 Figure Automation, we like to think that the demographic information as interesting, but it’s nothing close to what you find under “Page Likes” tab.

Learn a lot about your audience based on the kind of Facebook pages they like. This Facebook audience insights tab gives you a detailed view into their interest breakdown.

It comprises the top pages your audience have liked in each category, and the Facebook pages that are most relevant to your audience. Through this combined data, you can piece together a more accurate persona. You know what apps your audience uses, what organizations they support, what political affiliations they belong to and what media outlets they follow.

Bury yourself in this data to get a clearer perspective of your audience. Add this to what you learn from Lifestyle data and answer any questions you might be having about your customers!

Each blank you fill is another opportunity to create more targeted content, and set up more effective ads!

#3 Uncover How Your Audience Interacts with Content
This section is a goldmine of information regarding how your audience segment is most likely to engage content on Facebook.

You can see how likely it is that the segment will like, comment on or share your posts, access their accounts or click on your ads.

This way, you can play with the segment filters to find a target audience that’s more active and more likely to engage with your content.

You also learn what devices your customers are using to log in to Facebook. It’s almost always mobile, so make sure that your content and promotions are optimized for that.

Figuring out how people are engaging and interacting with your content can tell you a lot about their mindset.

Create Profitable Facebook Ads

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.12.31 PM

Most importantly, you’ll need a lot more to create Facebook ads that convert your fans and prospects into customers…

But researching your audience is unavoidable because you must put the right message in front of the right people…at the right time.

Different parts of your target audience have different interests. Facebook Audience Insights helps you master your audience in terms of their lifestyle, social activity level and interests.

By leveraging this behavioral and demographic intelligence, you can optimize your organic and paid social media campaigns to yield the best results!

Get started with Facebook Audience Insights – and grow your business’s engagement by figuring out who is most responsive to your brand.

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Using Facebook Audience Insights to Engage your Community